Check airport status anywhere with Digital ATIS app


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could check which runways and instrument approaches are in use at your destination airport before takeoff? Or prepare for unique taxi operations or ATC procedures at your departure airport before actually getting to the airport and tuning in the ATIS from your airplane?

Now you can right from your iPhone or iPad, thanks to the simple but effective ATIS app on the app store. This free app pulls the digital ATIS messages for over 75 airports across the U.S. and displays it in the app. You can also set one favorite airport, which will automatically display each time you open the ATIS app.

Download the free ATIS app here.


    • Thanks Doc, the latest update adds search. The airport selection is limited by what the FAA provides. I may add METARs & TAFs in a future version.
      -Steve, ATIS App Developer

    • Hi Craig, this is a common request and something I hope to add in a future version. For now I wanted to focus on Digital ATIS before adding more complexity to the app.
      -Steve, ATIS App Developer

  1. Agree, nice start. But why the funky font and all capital letters. Should do everything possible to be user friendly. Maybe even break into several paragraphs.

    • Hi D, the text is copied verbatim from what is provided by the FAA. I tried to use a font that was monospaced and easy to read. There will be more fonts to choose from in future versions!
      -Steve, ATIS App Developer

    • Thanks B., ATIS App is designed so you don’t need to sign up for an account to access ATIS. I hope to add METARs and TAFs in a future version!
      -Steve, ATIS App Developer

  2. A pilot here for a big legacy carrier, LOVE the app, keep it up! Down to earth, no frill D-ATIS app that I was hoping for.

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