New Precision Altimeter app available

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Many pilots know the Belite aircraft company for their fun experimental aircraft like the Chipper high-performance STOL airplane. They also offer affordable flight instruments through their Radiant Technologies division for experimental airplanes. Their latest development expands their flight instrument offerings to the mobile app segment, with the Precision Altimeter app for iPhone.

The app takes advantage of the pressure altitude sensor in iPhone 6 or newer to display a detailed altimeter instrument and vertical speed indicator. You can also add an external wireless Bluetooth sensor from Texas Instruments for $29 that sends outside air temp and humidity right to the app to display a real-time view of the density altitude. Here’s a quick video showing what it looks like in flight in a Chipper:

The Precision Altimeter app is available in the app store for $19.95.

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  1. Jim Rapson
    Jim Rapson says:

    I went to the app store on my Ipad. did a search under Precision Alimeter, and other variations. nothing came up

  2. Michael Farlow
    Michael Farlow says:

    @Jim Brown… try searching for the app name with the developer name added… Precision Altimeter by James Wiebe

  3. Michael Farlow
    Michael Farlow says:

    While, in general, I appreciate the development of apps in this genre, I am not seeing the real usefulness beyond “interesting gadget”. I tried another altimeter app featured on this newsletter and found it to be a big distraction from just flying the airplane. Some apps do have their place in the cockpit (like the EFBs), but I think apps like this should remain off while acting as PIC.

    And for the developer, I am not going to be dropping $20 just to prove wrong what I said above.

  4. Roger Kammerer
    Roger Kammerer says:

    Bought the app. Ive only used it at home. I can see where it would be a distraction in the cockpit. I doubt its real utility while actually flying. For one, you have to set the altimeter, manually, to the sea level pressure to get the thing to display the correct pressure altitude. So, you have to get sea level alt from somewhere, before the app gives you any useful info. Also, if you buy the TI external sensor, for another $29. The write up claims you’ll be able to get I don’t see how that’s pra

  5. Roger Kammerer
    Roger Kammerer says:

    Message was cut off for some reason. To continue, the write up claims you can get Outside Air Temp & Humidity if you buy the TI external device. I don’t see where that’s practical. Where do you place the sensor on the outside of the aircraft????

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