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iPad Proficiency Check: How to fly like a pro with your iPad

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The iPad has been on the market for nearly 9 years now and the way pilots fly with the iPad in the airplane continues to evolve as aviation apps continue to add new capabilities and integrations with wireless accessories and the avionics in the panel get more sophisticated. Our latest webinar, iPad Proficiency Check, includes a series of insightful recommendations, strategies and other tips that pilots of all experience levels should know when flying with the iPad.

Join iPad Pilot News Editor Bret Koebbe as he explains what’s new with the latest iPad models, hidden software features, iPad “gotchas”, flying with ADS-B weather, ForeFlight tips, airport operations and runway safety, battery management, mounting and much more. This fast-paced presentation covered a lot of ground, and the video recording is now available.

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  1. Richard Farr
    Richard Farr says:

    Hey guys – I am a little bit old now – and slowly coming up to speed on IPAD and FOREFLIGHT..
    Bought FOREFLIGHT and STRATUS 2S from Sporty’s last year (2017).. BIGGEST problem for me is
    that the REV LEVELS on the Utube training apps – seldom matches my screens..
    I download new FOREFLIGHT APPS every few days and suspect your posted training videos may be behind current REV levels (or else I am).. What do you recommend to eliminate this confusion? This is a big deal for us old guys!! Definitely see the potential in FOREFLIGHT – but – to really put into use – I need to have a better confidence level.. SUGGESTIONS WELCOMED..


  2. Hunter Stonich
    Hunter Stonich says:

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