Video: 10 things you should know about flying with ForeFlight

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Sporty’s recently hosted a webinar in cooperation with ForeFlight that offered a number of useful tips for flying with aviation’s most popular app. Angela Anderson, ForeFlight’s director of marketing and a private pilot, shared 10 things you should know about the app, from using Procedure Advisor and Track Logging to preflight tips and airport information. She also explained some new features in the app and shared some bonus tips for advanced users. A video recording of the webinar is available below.

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  1. Lee Anderson
    Lee Anderson says:

    When played, I do not get any voice. Suggestions on how to get the vocal ON. The icon for the
    speaker shows it is ON. The speaker is NOT muted.

  2. Robert Cameron
    Robert Cameron says:

    The content of this webinar might be worthwhile, but listening to this particular presenter was so painful I stopped after a few minutes of “Shiney New Things”. I hope Sportys and Foreflight are more judicious in their choice of narrators on future projects.

  3. Jeff Wall
    Jeff Wall says:

    Agreed that it’s not the easiest listen but the content is really worth the time. I’m a long time user and was aware of much of the content including the digital logbook which I’ve already converted to (and recommend). I did learn about a couple of features that I was unaware of and will certainly use: Graphical Briefings and Procedure Preview. I’m continually amazed at how powerful and functional ForeFlight is, absolutely an amazing tool. Kudos to the developers.

  4. Georges
    Georges says:

    Pack does not work with aerial maps which are often used by float planes and recreational pilots for local flights.
    The automated recording used by the log book kicks off at a relatively high speed (same issue for taxi charts), at least for small aircrafts. Taking off and going against strong winds will often prevent or delay of auto logging.

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