Aerovie adds intelligent flight planning tool

2 min read

The full-featured Aerovie EFB app was recently updated with a new set of features designed to improve the flight planning and routing tools. The app has come a long way since its early days as a PIREP submission app, and is worth a look if you haven’t checked it out in awhile.

The latest version 3.5 also addresses some user feedback, by increasing button sizes and readability throughout the app. Pilots will find this to be a nice improvement when flying in bumpy air.

Intelligent flight planning tool

IMG_0497This new flight planning tool on FLP section of the maps page automatically determines when you should consider an alternate airport based on the reported and forecast weather, and displays a red ALT button next to the destination airport in your flight plan. Tapping this button displays alternate airport options near the destination, along with a fuel reserve range ring and the weather report for potential alternates.

The new flight planning tool also incorporates predictive text when searching by airways, facility name, or city name. This is useful when you’re planning a flight to a city but don’t know the exact 3 letter or number identifier. The results are sorted by proximity based on your GPS position, so if ATC calls with a new VOR or waypoint, you’ll be able to quickly find it by entering the first few letters.

When victor airways are part of your route, the app will enter an intermediate waypoint when entering an airway to airway route that doesn’t have an intermediate crossing intersection as an option. This allows you to quickly enter the entire airway when assigned by ATC, and then fine tune it using touch planning on the map.

Flight plan enhancements

The recent update also adds a few options to help with flight plan filing. You can now amend and cancel VFR or IFR flight plans entered from the app (not to be confused with closing a flight plan, a feature that is still in development). You’ll also receive a push notification and email when your expected route clearance is available from ATC.

Aerovie is available in the app store as a free download with a 30-day free trial, and then offers annual subscriptions starting at $69.99. It also offers one of the most useful Apple Watch companion apps, which is definitely worth a look if you own one of these devices.