New iPad accessory update

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New tablets mean new accessories, as companies like RAM and MyGoFlight follow up Apple’s announcements a few months later with their own new product introductions. A slew of new accessories hit the market recently, so here we’ll review what’s new.

The latest generation from Apple now features three sizes of iPad: the 7.9″ iPad Mini 4, the 9.7″ iPad Pro and the 12.9″ iPad Pro. The 9.7″ iPad Pro is compatible with most existing mounts and kneeboards (from RAM, MyGoFlight, Flight Gear, Flight Outfitters), so there’s no need for new accessories with that model. But the iPad Mini 4 and the all-new 12.9″ iPad Pro have different case sizes, so if you’re upgrading you’ll need a new mount or kneeboard – and maybe a screen protector.

iPad Mini 4 mounts from RAM

RAM Mounts are the most economical and most popular iPad mounts on the market, but unfortunately the iPad Mini 1-3 mount that has been available for years will not fit the new iPad Mini 4. It’s close, but it just doesn’t work.

To address that problem, RAM released a new cradle that fits the iPad Mini 4 perfectly. There are two options for pilots to choose from. For pilots who already own a RAM Mount system, the new cradle for the iPad Mini 4 is available as a standalone product, and is compatible with all previous systems. Alternately, complete kits are available that include the cradle, arm and mount. Popular kits include the yoke mount and suction cup.

iPad mini 4 yoke mount

Three new kneeboards from MyGoFlight

MyGoFlight has sold two different kneeboard designs for years now, and has developed a loyal following for both. Their Sport Kneeboard is really a kneeboard and mount combination: use the included leg strap for a kneeboard, or pilots can add it to a MyGoFlight flex mounting system for yoke or suction cup mounts. Because the iPad cradle for the Sport Kneeboard is custom-fit to the tablet, each iPad model requires a new version. So, like RAM, a new version for the iPad Mini 4 is now shipping.

ipad mini 4 sport case

MyGoFlight’s other kneeboard design is their Folio C, a good-looking leather bifold kneeboard with a removable metal clipboard and a rotating iPad mount. The largest iPad, the 12.9″ iPad Pro, is pretty big for most cockpits, but in jets or airplanes with a side stick (like a Cirrus), the large screen works surprisingly well as a lap desk. For just that use, MyGoFlight now offers a Folio C for the 12.9″ iPad Pro. At the other end of the spectrum, the company is also offering a new universal smartphone kneeboard, which will fit a variety of larger smartphones, but is is ideal for the larger iPhone 6/6S Plus.

iPad Pro kneeboard

New ArmorGlas screen protectors

Besides kneeboards and mounts, screen protectors are one of the most popular iPad accessories. MyGoFlight’s ArmorGlas is our top pick: it’s easy to apply, durable, scratch-resistant and it cuts down on screen glare. To support Apple’s newest models, they are now offering new ArmorGlas models for the iPad Mini 4 and 12.9″ iPad Pro.

iPad Mini 4 armorglas