Fun iPad flying: bush pilot simulator

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At iPad Pilot News we’re dedicated to covering all things iPad as it relates to airplanes and pilots and love every minute of it. We work hard to bring you coverage of the latest aviation and weather apps, accessories and tips to help you make the most of using the iPad in the airplane.

There’s another use for your iPad though that you may not have thought of, and that’s to have fun with one of the many exciting aviation games available on the app store. We recently came across a relatively new flight simulator that combines three of our favorite things: seaplanes, backcountry flying and (of course) the iPad.

2016-07-01 15.22.46The Airplane Bush Pilot Flight Simulator is a free download that allows you to take to the skies and adventure through the wilderness, backwoods, and rough terrain as a bush pilot in a thrilling flight simulator game. Fly 21 exciting planes, including a Piper Cub, Twin Otter, C-17, and Spitfire through 8 different environments.

Test your skills as you attempt landings on snow-capped mountains, ice-covered lakes, glaciers, an aircraft carrier, and even a cruise ship. You’ll soar over remote fishing villages and bays to deliver goods to inaccessible camps. Pilot your aircraft through day, dusk, night, wind, storm, fog, snow, or blizzard over bush terrain similar to Alaska and Northern Canada.

The app initially offers several free missions and airplanes to fly, and then allows you unlock additional airplanes and scenarios after earning points. You can also opt to use their Facebook, Twitter and Youtube sharing tools to instantly unlock a few additional airplanes.

2016-07-01 15.22.18

The onscreen controls and intuitive interface are easy to use and the app provides realistic renderings of the wilderness environment. Like other iPad flight simulators, you can also change perspectives during your flight, from various outside angles of the airplane, to a pilots-eye-view out the front.

This is a great app to kick back with over the holiday weekend and do a little fun armchair flying from the comfort of your house if you can’t make it out to the airport. Check out the app here: Airplane Bush Pilot Flight Simulator.

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