FuelBurn app monitors your fuel status

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We’re fortunate as iPad pilots that aviation apps can do just about everything but cook you dinner, though it’s nice to come across apps from time to time that specialize in one particular function and do it well. Our latest find in this category is the FuelBurn app, which is dedicated to fuel tracking and alerts.

FuelBurn is designed primarily for the iPhone’s smaller screen, but like all iPhone-only apps it will also run just fine scaled up on your iPad. When you first open the app you’ll see a configuration screen, allowing you to enter the amount of usable fuel you’re starting with in each tank (up to 4 tanks), taxi/takeoff/climb fuel allowance, your average fuel burn, planned cruise speed and reserver fuel desired. Once this is saved you’ll see the main status screen, which displays a large fuel gauge showing time until empty, fuel remaining and estimated range. From this screen you can also enable fuel tank switching alerts, which will remind you every 20 or 30 minutes to switch fuel tanks while en route.

To use the app you just need to start the timer when leveling off after the climb (it automatically subtracts your taxi and climb fuel), and everything else is automatic from there. It’ll alert you at each interval to switch tanks and when reaching your reserve fuel. The app will continuously update the values for estimated range (not factored for wind) and the estimated fuel remaining.

The FuelBurn app is as only as good as the data you enter and is solely using time to estimate your fuel burn, but for those flying airplanes with unreliable fuel gauges it’s a step up over a timer. More importantly the alerts will make sure you don’t forget to switch tanks or let a low fuel situation sneak up on you. FuelBurn also includes an Apple Watch app, allowing you to run your primary navigation and weather app on your iPad and leave this app running on your watch. Here are some examples from the watch version of the app:

FuelBurn is available in the app store for $2.99.

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