iOS 8.4 now available, fixes external GPS bug

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2015-06-30 16.22.38Apple released the iOS 8.4 update today for iPhone and iPad as expected. While most of the buzz centers around the new Apple Music service introduced in this update, pilots will be happy to hear that it also fixes the iOS 8.3 bug that prevented the use of many external GPS receivers with the iPad.

We successfully tested an iPad mini running the new iOS 8.4 and a Bad Elf Pro GPS with a variety of apps and are glad to report that all is working normally again. Our friends at Bad Elf took this testing a step further this morning and reported the following:

This morning we ran the public iOS 8.4 release thru our “quick QA test matrix” which covers 4 iOS device models (both cellular and Wi-Fi only), 7 GPS accessories, and 5 apps.  That’s 140 steps, and we’re happy to report all passed.

The team at ForeFlight was also quick to verify the release and here are their findings:

We have performed a quality review of the Bad Elf GPS Pro, Bad Elf GPS Pro+, Dual XGPS150, and Dual XGPS160 on a Wi-Fi iPad running iOS 8.4 and these devices perform as expected. Stratus 1 and Stratus 2 devices were not affected by this issue.

If you’ve been affected by this GPS bug we’d recommend updating to iOS 8.4 to restore normal operations with your iPad and external GPS receiver. However if you did not experience the GPS issues with iOS 8.3, we’d suggest waiting a few days to make sure no new bugs or issues were introduced before updating.

Check out this helpful guide from Apple for information on how to update the iOS on your iPhone or iPad.

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  1. David
    David says:

    Downloaded iOS 8.4 yesterday and even though it seems as if the Dual GPS icon shows, on my Ipad a dot is shown as opposed to the aircraft icon. Maybe it will correct itself, however I am happy of the fix.

  2. Gene Brown
    Gene Brown says:

    I’d hold off. I installed the update on my iPad Air 2 and can’t see the Bad Elf Pro 2200 through Bluetooth. Should have waited.

  3. Craig S
    Craig S says:

    Downloaded And installed IOS 8.4 and still unable to pair my Garmin Glo via Bluetooth. Extremely frustrating.

  4. Stephen Goetsch
    Stephen Goetsch says:

    I use an iPad 2 and an iPad mini and both worked no problem. Has som initial pairing problems but solved them with a reboot. I use a Dual 150 and a Dual 160. Both worked well on a cross country last Frisay.

  5. Willie
    Willie says:

    I have the Foreflight Pro loaded onto iPad Air. On three separate, like right now, my VFR Sectional charts have disappeared. Last night, I turned off the iPad for about a half an hour. Then I turned it back on. NO CHARTS! Has anyone ever had this annoying problem? Everything is already downloaded so why has this made number 3. Please, help. Foreflight has been notified and tried what they recommended and still, nothing. I am a flight instructor, in Memphis and need this system to work properly, at all times.

    • John Zimmerman
      John Zimmerman says:

      Willie, are you downloading all the charts (from the Downloads tab) before you go flying?

      • Willie
        Willie says:

        After a few minutes of shutting the system off, and then deleting charts, which never really deleted and then turning it off and then back on, Bingo! The charts reappeared. Fore flight team member helped me with it all.

  6. Willie
    Willie says:

    Fore Flight needs to have an app or written instructions on what to do when your charts vanish.

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