iOS Update Green Light program: iOS 9.3

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Apple recently released iOS 9.3 for iPhone and iPad, adding new features to the Notes, Music and News apps. It also adds a new feature called Night Shift, which shifts the color temperature of the screen based on the time of day and location of your device.

We’ve received confirmation from the following app and accessory developers that the following apps, GPS and ADS-B receivers are fully compatible with iOS 9.3.
iOS Green Light 9.3 final

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  1. Dave
    Dave says:

    Fabulous and simple (for us) benefit for readers Sporty’s iPad News. This is a huge benefit because premature upgrade errors are so painful to correct! Any IT pro will tell you his horror story.

    This scorecard/checkmark format is very clear and concise but eventually you might need “compatible except” info for minor problems, maybe yellow text for those who upgraded already and regret it.

    Consider going a step further to include known bugs in the products’ table?

    A seriously great addition, thank youfor your efforts which might save hundreds of thousands of pilot hours per year across the country.

  2. Scott Johnson
    Scott Johnson says:

    How quickly will this green light program be available, after an iOS release goes out? I can imagine it will take time to get the results. Rather than wait to get all the results in and post at that time, it would be nice if this score card was realtime allowing you to check it on-line. If the testing hasn’t been completed for a specific app, then passing a message like “testing is not complete” would be good to know. It would give folks some patients to wait knowing there is work in progress. Also, if this green light indicator was a plugin for a website, I’d place it on our website with the caveat that the only cost would be the typical advertising component quite common to plugins.

  3. Ed Smith
    Ed Smith says:

    please consider adding Honeywell INDS (used to download from Jep and wirelessly upload into PC12NC Apex avionics)

    thanks… nice to have this all in one place

  4. Reed Usrey
    Reed Usrey says:

    I unfortunately updated my old iPad 2 to 9.3
    And it won’t reinitialIze now saying “The server is not available, try later”

    Later never came !!!!
    Now I’m trying to “recover” the iPad and that isn’t going well either !!!

    • Harley
      Harley says:

      Reed Usrey: Here’s a thought: After loading 9.3 my iPad 2 wouldn’t boot on 3G, although WiFi was fine. AT&T store changed my sim card(twice) and the problem persisted, so “Take it to the Apple Store” was the comment. Apple Store concluded that the iPad 2 wasn’t “Reading” the sim card upon re-boot, and that “fixing isn’t practical; get a new unit because this one is too old to spend money fixing.” Well, I’m not ready for that, so – – – – – I tried something on my own, knowing nothing about why and wherefore in the cyber world.
      I took out the sim card, put it back in and I suddenly had my AT&T 3G service. HOWEVER: Now I never shut the iPad 2 OFF; I just put it into “Sleep” but keep it charged. Working like a charm! But I know that if I turn it OFF it won’t fully reboot. It’s a band-aid for a while but it, too, might resolve your problem.

  5. Tony Vallillo
    Tony Vallillo says:

    Terrific idea! Would it be possible to add information regarding the effects of an OS upgrade on older iPads, especially as it relates to aviation use – areas such as stability and speed of operation?

  6. Doug Allen
    Doug Allen says:

    It would be great if iPad Pilot News would release this as an app for installation on the iPad, so upon startup, the Green Light Program is available.

  7. Howard Nelson
    Howard Nelson says:

    Great in concept but IOS updates are only for the current IOS build and not reversible.

    Today IOS is 9.3. A very major upgrade/change. Out less than a week. Problems with some devices occurring that were not seen on previous 9.x builds. New build (9.3.x?) scheduled in perhaps in 2 weeks.

    If you move from 8.x to the only thing now available is(9.3) downgrading the IOS is not possible. Apple removes the “digital signature” from the most recent previous version (and all earlier versions) after about a week making downgrading pretty much impossible for the average user.

    I have an I pad mini running IOS 7.1.2 that I use only for flying. It serves me well. However my flight app stopped upgrades for IOS 7.x about 3 months ago. Older version of the app still works well and allows database updates but if I want to upgrade the app I need to update the OS which is a risky proposition.

    IOS 9 was released to the mainstream 9/23/2015 and as of today has undergone 5 updates with IOS 9.3 released 3/21/2016. 9.3 is a major update.

    Also I am wondering how this “green light” program will actually be helpful. Which IOS 9.x are we talking about? There has been approximately one upgrade a month since IOS 9 was released in 9/2015. Are you saying as of 3/21/16 non of the flight app suppliers have validated IOS 9?

    • Bret Koebbe
      Bret Koebbe says:

      The status currently posted is in reference to iOS 9.3, which was released on Monday this week (3/21/2016). We’ll update the status as soon as we here from app and accessory developers that their hardware and software is fully compatible with iOS 9.3.

      • Howard Nelson
        Howard Nelson says:

        My bad with apologies.

        I only saw IOS 9 when you clearly stated 9.3. Perhaps I should undertake a reading comprehension course. Feel free to remove my comment (and perhaps save me further embarrassment) if it helps keep the message board clean.

  8. Jeffrey Lavine
    Jeffrey Lavine says:

    I upgraded to 9.3 without thinking about the aviation apps. Foreflight keeps dropping the WiFi connection, but FlyQ operates without a hitch. If you are using Foreflight you might want to wait until it has been thoroughly tested on 9.3 and approved for use.

  9. Cap'n Dave
    Cap'n Dave says:

    Arrrgggggh. While I thank you for your helpfulness, I wish you’d posted this a day or so earlier…

  10. Cary Alburn
    Cary Alburn says:

    I received an email from Foreflight yesterday that 9.3 is OK, so I tried to install on both my iPhone 5S and original Mini. Neither worked–keep getting the message that it couldn’t verify because it was no longer connected to the Internet, which wasn’t true. I checked to make sure they both were, and since they were only about 5′ from the router in the same room, the signal was strong. So I have no choice but to wait, which is probably for the best.

  11. Hilton Goldstein
    Hilton Goldstein says:

    WingX Pro7 is compatible with iOS 9.3. I just told Sportys now (Sat 6pm) – so they might only update the table on Monday. I also asked them why WingX Pro7 was marked “Use Caution” versus Garmin’s Testing In Progress which seemed strange.


  12. Frank DeArmond
    Frank DeArmond says:

    Would you please consider adding the iLevel2 to your list of GPS/ADS-B products? I have been using it for some time now and it is a good product with excellent capabilities.


    Frank DeArmond, CFI, CFII, MEI

  13. Amelia Reiheld
    Amelia Reiheld says:

    It seems passing strange that the very popular and capable Seattle Avionics FlyQ EFB didn’t make your green-light list, while more obscure ones did. Wonder what reason there could be for the omission. Thanks to another poster for trying it with iOS 9.3 and letting us know that it worked well for him, better than, ahem, ForeFlight, at the time.

  14. Rick Gutlon
    Rick Gutlon says:

    Who from DUAL indicated things were a “go” with their GPS external receivers? I reported issues immediately after upgrading one device to iOS 9.3 (another device I have left at 9.2.1 did not have problems); they confirmed the issue and that it was corrected when Apple released 9.3.1

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