iPad navigation app buyer’s guide


The landscape for full-featured EFB apps continues to evolve rapidly as developers push the limits of the iPad’s capability with exciting new features. This chart represents the latest comparison of the most popular EFB apps available today.

Click on the image for a larger version:


App Comparison Guide 040915


  1. You need to update the prices for subscriptions. WingX synthetic vision has been included for some time now, not $99.

  2. Also need to update the device support for FlyQ. They now support Stratus and a number of other devices. Now if Garmin would just include Stratus support as well I’d be happy.

  3. Any news on Foreflight interoperating with FreeFlight RANGR XVR 978. FlyQ has made the leap but ForeFlight seems to be sticking with a small number of compatible ADS-B out devices.

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