Top 10 articles of 2014

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While the iPad turned four in 2014, the world of apps and accessories has hardly slowed down. From synthetic vision apps to powerful ADS-B receivers, there were more tips and news stories to keep up with than ever. Out of the 158 articles we published over the last 12 months, these were the 10 most popular:

10. What pilots need to know from Apple’s latest announcement

In October, Apple unveiled their latest iPad models, including the Air 2 and the Mini 3. We reviewed all the news from this event and added our choice for which model is best for pilots. Read Now

9. iPad battery test – what really matters

There are a lot of old wives’ tales about battery life on the iPad. We did a side-by-side test to see what the facts are, and discovered two things that have a major impact on your iPad’s battery life. Read Now

Stratus 2 ADS-B receiver

Portable ADS-B receivers remained a popular accessory in 2014.

8. New Stratus features unveiled

At Sun ‘n Fun 2014, Appareo, ForeFlight and Sporty’s showed off three new features for their Stratus 2 ADS-B Receiver: a weather replay feature, animated radar and split screen attitude. We explored the details in this post. Read Now

7. Garmin unveils synthetic vision

Industry giant Garmin was busy in 2014, with a number of major upgrades to their Pilot app. None were more impressive than their synthetic vision upgrade, which we reviewed in this article. Read Now

6. Which ADS-B receiver should I buy?

Portable ADS-B receivers, which can provide weather and traffic to iPad apps, were the hot pilot accessory again this year. In this buyer’s guide, we suggested some questions to ask when shopping for one and compared the most popular models. Read Now

5. Which iPad is best for pilots?

There have never more options for pilots when considering an iPad purchase. We reviewed the differences between each model and picked a “best value” and “best overall” in this helpful article. Read Now

4. Don’t let your iPad overheat – and crash

The iPad is incredibly reliable in the cockpit, but one of the few sure-fire ways to make it crash is to get it too hot. In this tip, we discussed why the iPad shuts down when it gets hot and how to prevent it. Read Now

3. Caring for your iPad battery

One of the most important pieces of the iPad is its battery, which offers all day use. There’s a surprising amount of technology around the battery, so we explored ways to maximize battery life and longevity. Read Now

2. How to close an app – the right way

Did you close your app, pause it or delete it? Many pilots are confused by the differences, so we reviewed best practices in this tip. It’s a simple process, but an important one to get right. Read Now

1. Charging your iPad – new tips for the iPad Air and Mini

Keeping your iPad charged is a critical task for pilots – as evidenced by the number of tips on this list relating to the battery. In this article, we explored the cockpit accessories that can keep your iPad fully charged, from cigarette lighters to battery packs. Read Now

Thanks to all our readers for another great year at iPad Pilot News. We look forward to covering the big stories in 2015 and bringing you the latest news about aviation apps and accessories. If you haven’t sign up already, join nearly 30,000 other email subscribers.