MyRadar adds TFR display

1 min read

As a pilot there is no such thing as being “too aware” of TFRs, and a recent update to a popular weather app provides yet another source of this important preflight info. MyRadar, one of our favorite weather radar apps, recently added TFRs to its collection of aviation layers to view along with the radar imagery.

One of the reasons we like this app so much is because of its speed and simplicity — within seconds of launching it you’ll see a looping radar image on a high-contrast background. The new TFR layer is shown in red and will quickly get your attention when viewing the radar imagery before a flight. You can then tap on the TFR depiction for all the details. Yes you can get this information in other aviation apps, but you can’t beat the efficiency MyRadar provides for quickly checking these 2 critical pieces of preflight information.

You can download a free version of the MyRadar app here, or purchase the ad-free MyRadarPro version here.

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