New iPad app for flight instructors

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The Ultimate CFI Guide has everything a flight instructor needs to effectively teach ground and flight lessons.

The Ultimate CFI Guide has everything a flight instructor needs to effectively teach ground and flight lessons.

There is no shortage of iPad apps designed for pilots to help with all aspects of flying, from flight training to advanced navigation and digital chart resources. Surprisingly though, there aren’t many apps available specifically for CFIs to assist with pilot training. A new app called the Ultimate CFI Lesson Plan Guide aims to change that and provides many of the resources a CFI needs on a day-to-day basis including lesson plans, a guide for teaching ground lessons, illustrated flight maneuvers guide, and the Practical Test Standards:

  • Flight Training Syllabus for Private, Sport and Recreational Pilot – This complete lesson-by-lesson ground and flight training syllabus utilizes the building block method to take a new pilot candidate from first flight to beyond solo and on through his certificate. Each lesson sheet provides video and reading assignments for the student to ensure proper preparation for the training session. It also provides a place to record the student’s performance and progress.
  • Ground Lesson Guide – this aviation knowledge “cheat sheet” contains the detailed information for CFIs to teach each ground lesson in the Private, Sport and Recreational pilot training courses.
  • Practical Test Standards (PTS) – A reproduction of the current PTS with a cross-reference to where the student can go to review and study more information about each task.
  • Flight Maneuvers Guide – Provides step-by-step instructions on performing maneuvers required on the checkride. Each maneuver begins with simplified objectives and standards for that maneuver followed by an easy-to-follow, detailed description. Each maneuver also contains an illustration to help your students visualize the procedures before flying it in the airplane.

CFIs will find it very convenient to have all this information right on their iPad, since they most likely bring it along to each ground and flight lesson already. The Ultimate CFI Lesson Plan Guide is designed for both iPhone and iPad and is available for $19.99 in the app store.