AvTutorials releases new interactive training apps

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AvTutorials has been in the business of developing high-quality pilot training products for nearly 20 years. Their programs are unique in that they focus on specific aviation topics and use a combination of video, 3D graphics, guided-tutorials and interactive features to thoroughly teach the material. Up to this point the programs were only available on a PC or Mac, but AvTutorials recently released three of its most popular training programs as dedicated iPad apps, titled Mastering Stick And Rudder Flying, Getting Around On The Ground, and Airborne Radar.

Written by airline pilots and flight instructors, each app contains specific lessons that guide the pilot through trouble areas, including crosswind landings, traffic patterns, runway incursions, taxiing disorientation, thunderstorm safety, airborne radar use, and more.  The three apps contain more than 60 lessons covering a wide range of both core pilot training topics and advanced airport and weather operations. The ultimate goal of the programs is to reduce the pilot’s accident risk.

Getting Around Ground iPadGetting Around on the Ground

  • 16 instructional sections cover complete descriptions and visuals of airport signs, lighting and markings
  • 3D graphics that show the airport environment from the ground view and teach skills to prevent runway incursions
  • includes case studies of real-world runway incursion incidents and accidents, with quick tips that you can use immediately
  • test your knowledge with integrated quizzes and a 50-question final exam

Getting Around on the Ground is FAA WINGS accepted and requires an iPad 2/Mini or newer. The app is available for purchase here in the Apple app store.

Radar iPadAirborne Radar

  • 26 training modules comprise over 3 hours of training on airborne radar theory and use, operating techniques, hazards of thunderstorms and detailed weather theory
  • incorporates full hands-on interactivity allowing you to drag items, turn knobs, and interact with radar and thunderstorms
  • practical instruction teaches you how to operate the radar system, including the stabilization, gain control, doppler capabilities, attenuation pitfalls, radar tops/beam filling and windshear detection
  • includes accident case-study analysis to help you better learn radar operating techniques based on real-world scenarios
  • the app integrates over 130 quiz questions throughout the training module and concludes with a 50-question final exam.

Airborne Radar is FAA WINGS accepted and requires an iPad 2/Mini or newer. The app is available for purchase here in the Apple app store.

Stick and Rudder iPadMastering Stick and Rudder

  • designed to improve your stick and rudder skills with six hours of narrated instruction containing 3D graphics and interaction, straight-talking “how to” guidance, practical tips, and engaging stories
  • interactive lessons cover a wide-variety of training topics and maneuvers, including crosswind takeoffs and landings, forward and side slips, maximum performance takeoffs and landings, slow flight, stalls and more
  • advanced topics cover stick and rudder airmanship as it relates to night flying, cockpit management, controlled flight into terrain and NTSB statistics

Mastering Stick and Rudder is FAA WINGS accepted and requires an iPad 2/Mini or newer. The app is available for purchase here in the Apple app store.