New MyClip Mini Kneeboard works with iPad Mini, iPhone, iPad

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MyClip Mini

The new MyClip Mini fits the iPad Mini and even the iPhone.

Finding the perfect iPad kneeboard isn’t easy. There are a wealth of options available, from basic straps that keep your iPad steady to complete in-flight organizers. For those pilots looking for a slimmer option, we’ve always liked the MyClip. This simple but reliable product features an elastic strap that fits comfortably on your leg, plus two rubberized grips to hold your iPad in place. There’s no writing desk and no fancy features, but it’s a great kneeboard option, especially in tight cockpits where space is limited. Your iPad remains stable and you can operate it with one hand while you fly with the other.

The new MyClip Mini is even better, though. It is designed specifically for the iPad Mini, and works in both portrait and landscape modes. We’ve found that an iPad Mini and this strap are a fantastic option in the cockpit. It’s lightweight, takes up very little space in your flight bag when not in use, and is cool on a hot summer day.

But due to its adjustable straps, the MyClip Mini works with more than just the iPad Mini. It also fits many Android tablets, like the Nexus 7. It even works with the full size iPad (in portrait mode) and the iPhone (in landscape mode).

There’s also a MyBigClip, which is for pilots who use a full size iPad with some of the larger cases (like an Otterbox). It’s one of the few kneeboards big enough to hold these.

More information on the MyClip Mini is available at Sporty’s.

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  1. Logan
    Logan says:

    Will this work with the iPad mini Otterbox? That’s what I’m using and a kneeboard compatible with it would be awesome.

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