Dual unveils SkyPro GPS

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Dual Electronics’ XGPS150 has been the most popular iPad GPS for a few years now, with a great combination of accuracy, small size and long battery life. At just $99.95, it’s the best value in wireless GPSs and we’ve seen the black and red unit in dozens of different airplanes.

Dual XGPS160

Dual’s new XGPS160 can connect to 5 devices and includes a data logger.

This week, Dual announced a follow-on product–the SkyPro XGPS160. This device is a deluxe GPS receiver includes some high end features, and competes head-on with the Bad Elf Pro in the premium market. Here are some highlights:

  • Connect to 5 devices simultaneously. While most Bluetooth devices are limited to one connection only (including the 150), the 160 will allow a pilot and co-pilot to connect to the same GPS. This is also a nice feature for multi-pilot crews or for pilots who use an iPad and iPhone at the same time.
  • Longer battery life. The SkyPro features a 10 hour battery life, which should be enough to fly all day without worrying about a charging cable. The unit does come with a 12-28V charger for backup.
  • Automatic route recording. Like the Bad Elf Pro, the SkyPro has an automatic data logger built-in, so you can record trips for playback at a later time.
  • Combination GPS/GLONASS receiver. Like the Garmin GLO, the 160 can receive US GPS satellites and Russian GLONASS satellites. This isn’t a big deal, but can allow for faster lock-on times.

Dual includes two accessories with the SkyPro that are personal favorites of ours. The receiver fits into a handy non-slip dashboard mount, a small but welcome accessory that keeps the GPS from sliding around the glare shield. Dual also offers a free Status Tool app that allows pilots to check battery life, signal strength and perform basic troubleshooting.

Like the 150, the new 160 works with almost all aviation apps and almost all mobile devices, including the iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows devices. In addition to the 150 and 160 Dual also offers a portable ADS-B receiver, the XGPS170.

For more information, visit Sporty’s website.

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  1. Robert Branson
    Robert Branson says:

    It would be nice if they worked out the issues with the I-Pad / gps150 interface problems before coming up with another gps.

  2. Chuck Flynn
    Chuck Flynn says:

    My 150 syncs up with my iPad3 every time I fly…like today. Using AWM Freedom software.

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