Combination mount and clipboard for iPad Mini

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iPro Navigator Mount for iPad Mini

The new iPro Navigator mount includes a flip up clipboard/sun shade.

The iPad Mini is quickly becoming the preferred tablet for pilots, mostly because of its smaller size. In particular, mounting the Mini in a small cockpit is much easier. Now, a series of unique mounts has been introduced that goes beyond the basic mounting options we’ve covered before.

The iPro Navigator Mounts, available in suction cup and yoke versions, work like traditional mounts with their adjustable arms and standard 1″ ball joints. But they go beyond this with a flip down clipboard. We’ve found this to be really handy–we love the iPad but sometimes there’s no substitute for a pen and paper when you need to copy a complicated clearance. With the iPro, simply flip down the clipboard to write, then flip it up when you’re done. It stays out of the way, and won’t interfere with the yoke.

There’s another benefit to this design–the clipboard serves as a sun shade for your iPad when it’s up. By keeping direct sun off the iPad, the iPro both reduces screen glare and reduces the chance of overheating. In our tests, temperature isn’t the important factor in overheating problems, it’s direct sun.

Like all mounts, the iPro does block some of the panel when it’s on the yoke. This is even more true when the clipboard is flipped up, so if you have a lot of instruments low on the panel, they may be blocked. But for many airplanes, like newer Cessnas, it’s a nice fit. For airplanes where this mount may not work, the suction cup mount is a great option. We like it on a side window, or on the windshield in front of the right seat if you’re flying solo.

Both kits are available for $89.95 and are shipping now. For more information, follow these links:

Yoke Mount Kit

Suction Cup Kit.

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  1. Peter Pigott
    Peter Pigott says:

    I would like to buy the Mini I pad holder with suction mount please and I want it sent to my Swiss address not Australian address as I am in Switzerland for the next three months. please send an invoice for payment and I will give you my shipping address in Switzerland
    thank you Peter Pigott

  2. David Montgomery
    David Montgomery says:

    I purchased the Mini iPad iPro Navigator mount because it was just the correct size for the yoke mount on my Grumman Tiger (AA-5B) and I liked the idea of combination clipboard and flip-up sunshade.
    However…one big problem: When you flip up the sunscreen there is nothing to stop it from sliding completely OFF of the mount. Or, am I doing something incorrectly?

  3. Russ Still
    Russ Still says:

    David, you may be using it incorrectly. If you just swing the clipboard up and lay it across the top of the cradle, yes, it will slide off. Look at the two rails underneath the clipboard. These must travel over the two semicircular guides on top/rear of the cradle. Friction will then keep it wherever you position it.

    • David Montgomery
      David Montgomery says:

      You were correct…I was using it incorrectly. I meant to answer you earlier but Procrastination is my middle name.
      It works fine, now, and I love it. It’s perfect for the iPad Mini in tight cockpits.

      • Bill Greenberg
        Bill Greenberg says:

        I love my iPad Mini with WingX in my Grumman Tiger but I’ve been hesitant to buy an expensive mount that may not work for me. This looks great but does it cover too much of the panel in the Tiger, David?

  4. Billy Craft
    Billy Craft says:

    I use the Nexus 7 from Google with Garmin pilot. Great combination. How does the Ipad Mini compare in size with the Nexus? Will the Ipad Mini mount work with the Nexus? Thanks

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