Flying with ForeFlight course now an app

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Flying with ForeFlight app

Flying with ForeFlight, a new training video, is now available as a native iOS app.

As aviation apps become ever more sophisticated, pilots are increasingly looking for training resources that can help them master their favorite app (that’s one reason this website exists). Whether it’s brushing up on the basics or learning a new advanced trick, even the most experienced pilot can learn something with a little studying. Until recently, though, there weren’t many resources for iPad pilots, so most learning came from trial and error.

That’s starting to change. Last month we told you about a new ForeFlight training video, offered by Sporty’s. This comprehensive training course includes over an hour of HD video, a review quiz, the complete Pilot’s Guide to ForeFlight and more. It’s valuable for both beginners who are looking to get started and for seasoned pros looking for a new shortcut.

Originally available as a streaming online course, Flying with ForeFlight is now offered as a native iOS app. The app includes all the content from the online course, including the video, quiz and reference documents. All video segments are stored on the iPad, so no internet connection is required. The universal app works on both iPhone and iPad, and one purchase will allow for use on both devices.

The app, which costs $29.99, is available in the iTunes App Store.

A video preview is available below: