Poll: what are you flying with?

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  1. Randy Edgeington
    Randy Edgeington says:

    I love my ipad,i still use my garmin because the weather coverage available for WY,MT,CO,ID,where I mostly fly,is limited for ADS-B use,to many black out areas.Will this ever change?

  2. Kent Magnuson
    Kent Magnuson says:

    Our primary airplane, a 900 Turbo Commander, has Garmin 530W/430W. I have a Garmin 696 on yoke with XM wx. My primary enroute charts are Foreflight on iPad Mini. We have a full size iPad 3 in pax compartment for moving map display, also with current Foreflight charts. Our other airplane a C421B, also has Garmin 430W, Garmin 696 with XM ws, and a full size iPad 1 in pax compartment for pax moving map, current Foreflight charts.

  3. Thomas williamson
    Thomas williamson says:

    Just started using a mini with Foreflight on the yoke of a 1985 Baron and am curious what mounts for the new barons work well. I’m currently using an old Garmin clamp and flat plate that I have the mini mountd with servo mounting tape. Which is not good when out of the aircraft.

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