Poll: is a 7″ iPad better?

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  1. Paul Ramsay
    Paul Ramsay says:

    I can see where some would think that the current IPAD is too big, but you’ll appreciate the bigger screen the older you get. Your eyes don’t always stay the same and having the added screen size can mean the difference of seeing the information you need to see and not seeing it.

  2. Pete
    Pete says:

    The current iPad is fine for the cockpit, but a 7 inch would be perfect to mount on the yoke or glareshield and not take up too much space. It would be the same size as the Garmin Aera 760 and be a little more manageable.

  3. Hector
    Hector says:

    Ideally, I would prefer to have an iPad on the yoke and a regular knee pad for writing. The current iPad is just too big for a yoke mount. A 7 inch iPad would make my wish a reality.

  4. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    I belive a 7in tablet would be ideal, the current use of the I Pad is quite restrictive in the cockpit of the aircraft I fly, especially as it is a control column not yoke. But seven inch tablet would be easier to use and mount in the aircraft I believe.

  5. Fly girl
    Fly girl says:

    Normally I would say that the use of cellphones and other electronic things onboad would be OK. However, I fly both jet aircraft and helicopters. It is not uncommon to have severe interference in radio communication when a cellphone inboard seeks a tower while f.yo h thr JetRanger. It is the same annoying sound you can hear if you leave your cellphone on by your computer with speakers. I have never found it a problem in any other aircraft but it can become such a problem in the Jet Ranger Thai if I forget I may la nd just to turn it off. I don’t think cellphone and Internet is such a big deal but I do think we should be able to use our programs like fofeflight onboard commercial flights.

  6. Daniel
    Daniel says:

    7″ screen is the answer I fly a 7ac Champ and find the only real application is a knee board but I can not get full deflection of the stick on the iPad side this is going to be the case in most tandems. Also a lot of my friends are yolk flyers (this I don’t get) j.k. I love most anything with wings but I digress …..now the pad is to big for a yolk mount and glare shield mount covers to much. I think you cannot go wrong with this new idea. If you build it we will buy!!! As for old eyes I’m not selling my standard iPad I will just have to land left hand traffic only having full right aileron is over rated anyway…J.k. again……happy flying

  7. Dave
    Dave says:

    It’s not just size, it’s cost too. Alleged pricing for 7 in will be down closer to other 7 in tablets.. I think my solution will be both; yoke mount mini for moving map, approach plate, SV, then old iPad for other cockpit duties, maps, notams, weather, E6B, email…etc. Low pricing will also hopefully draw any remaining fence sitters into the market, increasing demand and therefore ompetition among app and peripheral makers. It is a win win, but the only only question remains, if they call it a miniPad, what will we start calling the legacy Pad?

  8. Bob the Canuck
    Bob the Canuck says:

    Big is not better
    I just completed a long x country using my I phone and Foreflight. The iPad was a safety issue due to location.

  9. Rusty
    Rusty says:

    Bob, did you use the iPhone’s GPS or an external unit? Yoke mount? Thanks!


    …holding out for the 7″

  10. Carol Tilley
    Carol Tilley says:

    I have Fore Flight on my IPhone and IPad. I use the IPad in the plane as the IPhone screen is just too small when I do have access to a larger one. I would not mind a screen that is between the two sizes.

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