Brush up on your weather flying skills with Richard L. Collins’ Advanced WX Flying apps

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Learn all about advanced weather flying with new apps from Richard L. Collins

For over 50 years, pilots have turned to Richard L. Collins for his unique perspective on the challenges and rewards of flying light aircraft. Having flown over 20,000 hours in G.A. airplanes, he is recognized throughout the industry as one of the top aviation weather experts. In addition to writing numerous books and magazine articles on the subject, the former Flying Magazine editor has also produced many popular video programs showing pilots how to interact with real-world weather in the airplane.

In keeping up with the popularity of the iPad, Richard has now made the classic video series Advanced Weather Flying available in an iPad app format. There are 4 apps total, each covering one of the seasons: Spring Weather Flying, Summer Weather Flying, Fall Weather Flying and Winter Weather Flying. Each app contains about 2 hours of expert weather instruction shot in and around airplanes, and goes beyond the basics to teach how to apply weather theory to real-world situations. You’ll go on actual flights with Collins to explore the relationship between forecast weather and real conditions, and how complex weather systems affect the airplane.

Also included in each app is a review quiz based on content from the videos. After finishing the questions, you’ll receive instant feedback on your score and be able to review missed questions. There’s even a way to quickly review the video segment from which the question is based.

The Advanced Weather Flying apps are available for $4.99 each, and you can get them here.