GoPro App iPhone5

The latest version of the GoPro app allows you to wirelessly preview and transfer your videos to an iPhone or iPad.

The GoPro Hero3 has quickly become the leading HD camera among skiers, surfers, snowboarders–and now pilots. While all the functions can be controlled entirely from the two buttons on the outside of the camera, many pilots have found the free GoPro companion app to be a big help as a wireless viewfinder and controller.

Up until now though, there was no way to preview your recorded videos or share them online without first transferring them to a computer. A new update the GoPro app changes that, allowing you to wirelessly preview and transfer your videos to an iPad, iPhone or Android device. To be able to use this feature you’ll need to first update your GoPro’s firmware, which can be done at GoPro’s support site. Then go to the app store on your iPhone or iPad and update your GoPro app to the latest version, which was released on July 30.

Once you have both the camera and the app updated, connect the GoPro to your iPhone or iPad using WiFi, and open the GoPro app. Tap the Connect + Control button in the main menu, and you’ll see the familiar video preview and camera control buttons. You’ll also see a new GoPro Media button in the center of the screen. Pressing this will allow you to view all recorded media that is currently on your camera.

To move the files to your iPhone or iPad, tap the Edit button at the top of the screen, select the files you want to transfer, tap the arrow button in the lower left corner, and tap the GoPro Album button that appears. A confirmation window will appear asking if you want to transfer the files in a high or low resolution format, and give you estimates for files sizes and transfer times. You’ll quickly learn that it’s not practical to transfer an entire flight in high resolution format, but it is useful for moving over short video clips to share online.

Once the files finish transferring, you can view them right in the Photos app on the iPad or iPhone. From here you can share them the same way as other videos recorded with your iPad or iPhone, via Mail, Message, YouTube, etc.

This Hero3 firmware update provides the following additional features and fixes:

  • Enables compatibility with new GoPro App features
  • Corrects HDMI TV preview from low res to high res
  • Fixes forced exposure lock on 0.5 and 1 second time-lapse intervals
  • Optimizes compatibility with select microSD cards by reducing data stream rate to 35Mb/sec while recording in 4K, 2.7K and Protune™ modes (HERO3: Black Edition only).

Here’s a good video from GoPro showing how to use the new features: