Mount or kneeboard, that is the question (at least when it comes to the iPad). While some pilots love mounting their iPad on a RAM Mount so it’s out of the way, others are strictly kneeboard people and prefer to keep their tablet right on their lap. This debate has heated up again with the introduction of the iPad Mini and its rapid adoption by pilots.

A few weeks ago we ran down the options for iPad Mini mounts, which included suction cup and yoke options. Today, let’s review the choices for those who prefer kneeboards:

iPad mini bifold kneeboard

The Bifold Kneeboard includes a writing pad.

iPad Mini Slimline Kneeboard: This is the smallest, simplest solution for using an iPad Mini in the cockpit–and it’s very affordable at $15.95. This is a no-frills kneeboard, just a simple mounting surface with elastic straps to hold the Mini. The knee strap can be adjusted to allow for either portrait or landscape viewing. A great option in smaller cockpits. More info

iPad Mini Bifold Kneeboard: This option is probably the most popular style, as it offers a lot of storage options but still in a fairly compact size. The two-panel kneeboard unfolds so the iPad Mini is on the pilot’s right leg, and the right flap hangs down. Alternately, the right flap can be folded under for a smaller profile, and a special pass-through allows for continued use of the leg strap. The Mini is held in place with four elastic bands, and sits on an adjustable stand. For smaller cockpits, the iPad can lay flat; for larger cockpits or airplanes with a side stick, the iPad can be tilted towards the pilot at different angles to reduce glare. The iPad can be used in either portrait or landscape mode. Right beside the iPad is a narrow notepad, which is ideal for copying clearances or ATIS information. Finally, there are two internal mesh pockets and a zippered pocket, great for storing cleaning cloths, charging cables or even a small iPad GPS. More info

Leather iPad Mini Kneeboard: This deluxe kneeboard is specifically designed for the cockpit, but it can also function as a good-looking leather case for everyday use. A leather cover unfolds to create a rotating kneeboard, complete with elastic strap and low-glare viewing angle. The iPad Mini will stay securely attached to the pilot’s leg, and the rotating mechanism makes it easy to switch between landscape and portrait views. This kneeboard comes with a small, zippered storage pouch for cords or an iPad GPS. More info

Other iPad Mini kneeboards are still being released. Watch Sporty’s page for the latest designs.


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