WeatherSpork offers new approach to aviation weather

While the big electronic flight bag (EFB) apps like ForeFlight and Garmin Pilot are loaded with weather tools, a new app is taking a different approach to help pilots make smarter preflight decisions. WeatherSpork is not an EFB app, but rather an easy-to-use app that focuses on smarter preflight weather briefings. Here's a hands-on review.
LogTen Pro

LogTen Pro app review

One of the first truly stand-alone logbook apps for iPad was LogTen Pro, and the app has continued to improve over the years. The latest version, LogTen Pro Universal, is the best yet, and works on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. We take it for a spin.

What’s new in WingX Pro

WingX Pro has released a few updates this month with some additions to the app. These mainly focus on moving map enhancements, support for additional ADS-B receivers and app refinements. We'll take a look at the highlights here.

5 things to look for in the newest version of ForeFlight

When ForeFlight first launched over 10 years ago, the app was designed for one device: the iPhone, with its 3.5" screen. Now the app can be found on a huge variety of Apple devices, from 4" iPhones to 13" iPads. Making one app look good on all those devices is a serious challenge, but it's on that ForeFlight has tackled in a big way with version 9.5.

Trying out the surprisingly useful GPS Coordinate Converter app

No matter how sophisticated your avionics are, latitude and longitude still have a central place in aviation. As we've mentioned before, sometimes there's no substitute for the good old lat/lon coordinates: for filing flight plans, creating user waypoints or programming an FMS. A new app, GPS Coordinate Converter, aims to make GPS coordinates easier to manage.

Top 10 free iPhone/iPad apps for pilots

It's rare to find something free in aviation, but fortunately for pilots the iPad app store is one of the exceptions. Here we've assembled our list of the top 10 free aviation apps that every pilot should load on their iPad and iPhone.

New weather app provides interactive forecast maps

A new weather app called Weekend Flyer provides an interactive map that allows you to view the aviation weather forecast for airports across the U.S. for up to 3 days out. This is a great resource when heading out for a weekend trip to get a feel for what the weather will be like on the flight back home.

ForeFlight 5.4.2 fixes Dual GPS bug, adds Stratus sharing

The latest update from ForeFlight (version 5.4.2) was released today, and while it isn't a major one, there are a few improvements that are worth noting. Let's review the highlights.

Top 10 aviation apps for Apple Watch

More and more aviation app developers are starting to include Apple Watch apps along with their primary iPad/iPhone app, allowing you to access bite-size pieces of aviation data from your wrist. Here's our list of the top 10 aviation watch apps to get you started.

GoPro app update adds video preview and transfer features

A new update to the GoPro iPhone and iPad app allows you to wirelessly preview and transfer your videos to your iOS device for easy sharing.