MiraCheck brings audio checklists to iPad

A new app called MiraCheck recently hit the app store and takes the iPad checklist concept to a new level. By integrating voice controls and voice recognition, it provides a heads-up and hands-free way to run normal and emergency checklists in flight, turning your iPad into a virtual copilot.
Jepp STAR on ForeFlight

ForeFlight celebrates ten years – what comes next?

We recently visited ForeFlight's Austin office and sat down with Tim Schuetze, Executive Vice President of Strategy and Business Development. We asked Schuetze about the major areas of focus for the company, what comes next, and how they maintain quality as they grow.

WingX Pro adds trace routing feature

WingX Pro released version 8.5 last week adding a collection of new features and performance improvements to the app. Pilots will especially appreciate the new Traca feature, which allows you to plan a trip by drawing a route directly on the map.

Garmin Pilot optimized for helicopter operations

Garmin released its first big app update for 2015 today, adding a set of new helicopter navigation features, wireless integration with the G3X Touch avionics system and improvements to the connectivity with the Garmin GLO portable GPS.

AerovieReports: All about the PIREPs

The AerovieReports app has been out for about a year now and allows you to submit PIREPs directly to Lockheed Martin Flight Service. Here we'll take a look at the latest update to the app, which adds a full set of moving map and EFB features.

LogTen Pro partners with Pilot Credentials for easy flight time updating

LogTen Pro recently partnered with Pilot Credentials, a professional pilot recruitment site, to allow pilots to update their flight time data instantly from their iPad or iPhone LogTen app. Here's how it works.

Garmin Pilot Android app updated with new features

Garmin is one of the few app developers to offer a fully functional aviation weather/chart/navigation app for both iPad and Android tablets. Read on to learn about the new features recently added to the Garmin Pilot app for Android.

New cloud-based Documents feature comes to ForeFlight

We've mentioned before that ForeFlight's Documents feature is a powerful, but under-appreciated, tool. Now this tool is getting a big upgrade, with the ability to store documents in the cloud (via Dropbox) and sync across multiple devices.

WingX adds support for terrain and obstacle alerting

WingX was recently updated to provide terrain and obstacle alerts, a new Flight Share function and compatibility with Aspen's Connected Panel system.

What’s new in the FltPlan Go app

It's been a busy summer for the development team at FltPlan.com, having released numerous new features and updates to their FltPlan Go companion app. Here's a rundown of their latest weather and flight planning features you may have missed along the way.