LogTen Pro adds iCloud Sync for easy backups

The latest version of LogTen Pro, our top pick for electronic logbook apps, adds an automatic sync feature to keep you up to date. Read the details here.

ForeFlight adds Dynon SkyView connectivity

ForeFlight's latest app update adds a collection of useful new features, including graphical winds aloft on the map view, wireless connectivity with Dynon SkyView avionics and brand new Scratchpad interface.

New FAR/AIM app available from Sporty’s

Sporty's new FAR/AIM app contains all the applicable Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) and content from the Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) for easy study and review.

Garmin Pilot app adds D2 Pilot Watch integration

The latest version of the Garmin Pilot app adds some exciting new features, including integration with Garmin's new D2 aviation watch for pilots.
iPad Pro 10.5"

Top 20 apps for pilots

The number of aviation apps seems to expand daily, with thousands of options for flight training, weather briefings, games and so much more. With that in mind, compiling a list of the top apps may seem foolish, but we're going to try - after all, a brand new iPad pilot needs to start somewhere. The list below isn't necessarily our 20 favorite apps, but rather the ones we see in use most often, and are worth considering for any pilot's tablet.

Gyronimo aircraft performance apps

The Gyronimo series of aircraft performance apps allow you to graphically compute weight and balance and performance scenarios for various airplanes and helicopters. Here we'll show you the features of the C172S version of the app.
LogTen Pro

LogTen Pro app review

One of the first truly stand-alone logbook apps for iPad was LogTen Pro, and the app has continued to improve over the years. The latest version, LogTen Pro Universal, is the best yet, and works on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. We take it for a spin.

WingX Pro 7.0 adds weather radar to the moving map

WingX Pro has teamed up with Baron Services to offer a new collection of interactive weather overlays. This allows pilots to view radar imagery, sectionals and a flight plan simultaneously. Check out all the details on the app update here.

dBrief logbook app focuses on simplicity

There is no shortage of full-featured logbook apps on the market for iPhone and iPad. While most try to pack in as many features as possible, a relatively new entrant to the field called dBrief Pilot Logbook is taking a different approach by focusing on simplicity. Check out a full review of app here.

MyRadar adds precipitation prediction feature

A new feature in the MyRadar app will alert you when precipitation is approaching your current location, useful for everyday awareness and during the final hours leading up to a flight.