Plane Finder 3D app adds augmented reality aircraft view

Plane Finder recently released a new 3D version of their popular flight tracking app that takes advantage of Apple's new ARKit technology. This allows you to use your iPhone or iPad to move around any airspace in the world and view live air traffic in a dynamic 3D environment.

dBrief logbook app focuses on simplicity

There is no shortage of full-featured logbook apps on the market for iPhone and iPad. While most try to pack in as many features as possible, a relatively new entrant to the field called dBrief Pilot Logbook is taking a different approach by focusing on simplicity. Check out a full review of app here.

ForeFlight adds runway hotspots, timer, street addresses to version 12.5

After a blockbuster app update last month, ForeFlight's June release is smaller in scale but still includes some nice additions. Here's a review.

LogTen Pro partners with Pilot Credentials for easy flight time updating

LogTen Pro recently partnered with Pilot Credentials, a professional pilot recruitment site, to allow pilots to update their flight time data instantly from their iPad or iPhone LogTen app. Here's how it works.
Starr app

Starr launches “high definition” insurance app for pilots

Insurance might seem like a very conservative industry, one that would resist the march of technology as long as possible. That's true in some ways (ever faxed an insurance renewal form in after filling out the same information five times?), but a new app from Starr Aviation is a refreshing change. It offers pilots the option to purchase renter's insurance right from the app, and the ability to track flying skill over time.

An app dedicated to Area Forecasts

While most of the popular iPad apps offer the ability to view Area Forecasts after retrieving a full weather briefing, sometimes you want to be able to quickly view just that report. The Area Forecast app solves that problem.

Seattle Avionics FlyQ EFB 3.0 adds flight recording and augmented reality

Seattle Avionics released a major update to their FlyQ EFB app earlier in the week, which adds new flight recording and augmented reality (AR) functionality. Here's a quick look at these new features and how to use them.

Sporty’s Pilot Training app adds new 2020 Courses

Sporty's Pilot Training app for iPhone/iPad, Android and TV just received a major update, adding new test prep features, a powerful document viewer and FAA library, video review notes and new RokuTV and Chromecast support.

What’s new in the FltPlan Go app

It's been a busy summer for the development team at, having released numerous new features and updates to their FltPlan Go companion app. Here's a rundown of their latest weather and flight planning features you may have missed along the way.

New Airborne Radar training app

A new Airborne Radar app is out to help fill the void in pilot training on how to use onboard aircraft radar systems. The app uses colorful graphics, interactive scenarios and review quizzes to teach you the ins and outs of airborne radar.