Get current with new Flight Review app

Sporty's recently re-released their popular Flight Review app with over 2 hours of all new HD video content, including new training on ADS-B, EFB/iPad use in the cockpit, angle of attack indicators, night flying and emergency procedures. iPad app adds Mexico and Caribbean charts

The latest update to the free app adds IFR charts for the Caribbean and Mexico. Learn all about it here.

WingX Pro Tip: How to use FlightShare

WingX Pro recently added a new feature that allows pilots to quickly share flight plans between multiple devices running the app. This feature, called FlightShare, is very useful for two pilot crews or flight instructors. Here's how to use it.

ForeFlight 9.4 adds new weather layers and Jepp en route charts

ForeFlight released the much-anticipated version 9.4 update this week, which adds Jeppesen IFR en route charts and weather overlay features to the app. Pilots can now fly anywhere in the world and use ForeFlight as their primary EFB thanks to Jeppesen's complete international en route and terminal chart coverage. Here's our first look at the new features and how to use them in ForeFlight.

LogTen Pro partners with Pilot Credentials for easy flight time updating

LogTen Pro recently partnered with Pilot Credentials, a professional pilot recruitment site, to allow pilots to update their flight time data instantly from their iPad or iPhone LogTen app. Here's how it works.

Plane Finder 3D app adds augmented reality aircraft view

Plane Finder recently released a new 3D version of their popular flight tracking app that takes advantage of Apple's new ARKit technology. This allows you to use your iPhone or iPad to move around any airspace in the world and view live air traffic in a dynamic 3D environment.

ForeFlight rolls out another big app update

ForeFlight released another big update to their popular aviation app today, adding some exciting new features. Among these is the ability to view approach charts and taxiway diagrams directly on the moving map.

New app helps you locate airport courtesy cars

When planning a trip to a city that you haven't flown into before there are several variables to consider when choosing both the airport and FBO. A new app helps you identify which ones have courtesy cars available when needed.

iPad navigation app buyer’s guide

Pilots have plenty of options when it comes to choosing a preflight weather and navigation app for iPad. To get you started, here's a side-by-side comparison of the major aviation apps.

G1000 simulator apps make glass cockpit transition easier

If you fly the G1000, sometimes all you need is a basic simulator on your iPad that allows you to push buttons and turn (simulated) knobs. To fill this need, we've recently been using two apps from Simionic, a small company that's more for simulator pilots than Cirrus or Cessna pilots.