Which ADS-B receiver should I buy?

It's the number one question we get at iPad Pilot News lately: "which ADS-B receiver should I buy?" Here, we'll try to offer a practical guide to choosing the right model.

Garmin introduces new ADS-B receiver, expands Flight Stream

Garmin has introduced multiple portable weather receivers over the last six months, including the GDL 51 SiriusXM receiver and the GDL 52 SiriusXM/ADS-B receiver. Now the GDL family is complete, with the introduction of the GDL 50 - an ADS-B, GPS, AHRS unit with an 8-hour battery.
Stratus 3 with ForeFlight

Appareo introduces Stratus 3 with more app support, lower price

The Stratus line of ADS-B receivers has been one of the most popular iPad accessories for pilots since the first one was introduced in 2012. Now there's a new top-of-the-line Stratus, with some interesting new features, more app options, and a low introductory price.

Iridium Go enables in-flight messaging, phone calls

Many pilots can't stand to be disconnected from their smartphones and tablets for longer than a few minutes. But the new Iridium GO! portable satellite hotspot goes some way towards fixing this problem.

What’s in your flight bag? A student pilot’s perspective

This is part of a series where we ask different pilots what they carry when they fly with an iPad. Today we'll hear from J.C. Mayerle, a student pilot working towards a private license, to see what makes up his list of essential flight gear.

iPad connected panel buyer’s guide

More and more connected panel options are starting to hit the market, allowing you to wirelessly connect your iPad to panel-mount GPS and ADS-B receivers. Here we'll run down all the avionics options and review app compatibility.

How do I mount the iPad in my airplane?

Securing your iPad while you fly is important for both safety and convenience. Here we'll review the mounts currently available for the iPad Mini, Air and Pro, including which models work best in various airplane types and configurations.
SXAR1 receiver

SiriusXM Aviation Receiver brings satellite weather to ForeFlight

As popular as XM Weather has become, the company (now called SiriusXM after a merger) has largely missed out on the iPad boom. That might be changing now, with the announcement today that the SiriusXM Aviation Receiver works with ForeFlight.

New iPad yoke mounts available from RAM

RAM Mounts have consistently been our top pick for iPad mounting solutions, and the yoke mount has always been one of the best selling versions. RAM recently introduced a new version that we think is a nice upgrade.

Which iPad mount is right for my airplane?

There are plenty of different mounts to choose from, but they aren't all universal. Which one is right for you? Let's look at some examples.