Iridium Go enables in-flight messaging, phone calls

Many pilots can't stand to be disconnected from their smartphones and tablets for longer than a few minutes. But the new Iridium GO! portable satellite hotspot goes some way towards fixing this problem.

Choosing the right iPad GPS – tips for pilots

After the iPad was released in 2010, pilots quickly realized that the tablet was far more useful with an accurate position source. Initially there were very few options for pilots, but the market has rapidly expanded and there are more choices than ever. How do you pick the right one?

Finally – an iPad mount with built-in fans

There is finally a good option for pilots worried about overheating iPads, with the release of the X-Naut Active Cooling Mount. This cradle has a vented case and built-in cooling fans that direct airflow over the back of the iPad, aimed at the areas of the tablet that run the hottest. It may sound like overkill, but we've flown with it and the X-Naut really works.

ForeFlight and SXAR1 – flight test report

About a month ago, ForeFlight introduced support for the SiriusXM Aviation Receiver, also called the SXAR1. We've had the chance to fly with it on numerous trips now, and overall we've found the SXAR1 to be reliable and useful. Here are some notes from a recent cross country flight.

New iPad yoke mounts available from RAM

RAM Mounts have consistently been our top pick for iPad mounting solutions, and the yoke mount has always been one of the best selling versions. RAM recently introduced a new version that we think is a nice upgrade.

Do ADS-B receivers work internationally? A pilot report

Unquestionably the hottest iPad accessory over the past four years has been the ADS-B receiver. While US pilots have enjoyed these benefits for years, many pilots in Canada, Europe and elsewhere are wondering whether this technology works in other countries.
Suction cup iPad mount

Robust Mounting Systems – a simple, affordable new mount option

Still searching the perfect mount for your phone or iPad that won’t break the bank? A good mounting system normally costs anywhere from $60 to over $200. Fortunately, a new option is now available with some good-performing mounts starting around $30 for a complete kit. 

New smartPlane system converts your iPad into a panel-mount MFD

Guardian's new smartPlane system allows you to use your iPad as a panel-mounted MFD and connect it to a GPS, engine monitor and AHRS to display flight and engine instruments and a moving map display.

The perfect iPad case and mount for pilots?

The problem with most cases (and the reason many pilots don't use one) is that most are so big and bulky that they either don't work with mounting systems or they require an even bulkier mount. But we've recently been flying with an iPad case that may solve the dilemma.

MyGoFlight releases new Universal iPad Cradle

MyGoFlight recently released a new Universal iPad Cradle for its Flex Mount system. This allows you to use the yoke or suction cup mount with any size iPad, with or without the case.