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The iPad’s role in aviation has come a long way over the past decade, as aviation apps and accessories have grown more and more capable. In this fast-paced webinar, Bret Koebbe, an active pilot, flight instructor at Sporty’s Pilot Shop and Editor of iPad Pilot News, explores a wide variety of topics applicable to help pilots of all iPad experience levels get more utility out of their iPad in the cockpit:

  • What to look for when buying or upgrading your iPad
  • Fly like a pro pilot with your iPad: developing your own standard operating procedures
  • Must-have iPad accessories for the cockpit
  • How ForeFlight can improve your preflight planning
  • How to take advantage of automated iPad features and use it as a Digital Copilot
  • In-flight ADS-B weather on the iPad
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  1. William Crawford
    William Crawford says:

    The USB connection can be unreliable as can be. I am so disappointed the charge connectivity is easily contaminated with debris. The idea there is not a wireless charge option to save the wear and tear on the connection when charging at home. My iPad is only two years old and the USB connection is problematic at this point. So what is the point of a backup battery if the slightest wiggle causes the charging process to fail.

    • Alan Williams
      Alan Williams says:

      Go to Amazon and buy a Magnetic Charging setup. Comes with several different USB plugs that go into your charging port on the device. The cable then “plugs” in magnetically to the device. Keeps the charging port free of debris and you only need one cable to charge up all sorts of different devices, Iphone, Ipad, Android phone, windows tablet, etc. all with the same cable. Recommend cable with the swivel connection on the device end so you can let it hang in whatever direction gravity wants. Example is “Terasako Magnetic Charging Cable”

  2. Cary Alburn
    Cary Alburn says:

    Really excellent webinar. It’s amazing how much more information we have in our simple GA cockpits than when I earned my IR back in 1975. Not just the iPad, of course, but also panel avionics far eclipse the best equipped airliners of that far off time.

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