Use the Robust clamp to mount your iPad in multiple locations

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Finding the right piece for mounting your iPad or iPhone in the cockpit can be a hard task. Suction cups tend to fail as we climb in altitude. Kneeboards are alright but your device is on your lap instead of in front of you. Many pilots turn to yoke mounting for their device. Unfortunately, different tube sizes make it hard to find the right solution for your aircraft, not to mention the added weight you feel when turning the yoke.

Fortunately, there is a universal solution that can provide more than one mounting option. The Robust Mount Yoke Clamp will fit almost any diameter of yoke shaft. The unique jaw design allows it to clamp down on tubes as small as 0.25”, yet still open wide enough for tubes up to 2” in diameter. The clamp is padded to provide extra gripping support and protects the mounting surface.

The little-known fact about this clamp is that it also works great for tables, desks, or other shelf-like items. Most airplanes have glareshield, similar to the dashboard in your car, and most glareshields overhang the instrument panel. This is the perfect spot to mount an iPad or phone as it puts your device right in your field of vision. The Robust Mount Yoke Clamp will work on any glareshield from 0.2” to 2″ in thickness. Mounting your device to the glareshield will also keep the weight off your yoke.

We’ve tried this in a variety of airplanes and it works well, as long as the glareshield is reasonably sturdy, and as long as you’re not trying to mount a 12.9″ iPad. It’s particularly good for the iPad mini and larger iPhones. The way the clamp is designed, it offers a fairly flat surface to grab the glare shield, unlike other clamps that are more rounded. That means it holds firm without damaging the plastic.

The clamp is only one part of the equation. You’ll need to add an arm and a cradle to complete the setup. Sporty’s has made it simple: grab the Robust Universal iPad Yoke Mount or the Robust Universal iPhone Yoke Mount.


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  1. Richard G
    Richard G says:

    I use these for my iPads in the plane and in the R44 helicopter on the instrument cross bar…, at home in the simulators, and for my cameras on my motorcycle.
    Not just a one use item and will latch on tight enough for off road motorcycle rides. I have several.

  2. Richard F
    Richard F says:

    I use the yoke mount and clamp as shown in the first photo. It works great with my iPad. Solid mount, makes the iPad easy to see and it does not block any instruments on my panel.

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