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New PIVOT cases fit multiple iPad models

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For many years PIVOT has offered a line of iPad cases and mounts specifically made for the cockpit. In that time, they’ve won a loyal following among airline pilots for their rugged design and flexible mounting options. Whether being used as a protective case, a stand for viewing the screen, or as part of an integrated suction cup mount, a PIVOT case is perfect for daily use. We’ve had one in use here for over three years and it’s still going strong.

PIVOT iPad case

The back of the new PIVOT cases includes an ID holder and a place to store an Apple Pencil.

One minor drawback with PIVOT cases has always been that they are custom-made for each iPad model. If you upgraded from an iPad Air 1 to an iPad Air 2, for example, your old case most likely would not work. It could be that the overall iPad size is different, or it might just be a slightly larger camera lens that causes problems. Either way, a new iPad meant a new PIVOT case. That’s no longer true, as the company has released two new cases that fit a variety of devices. These fit eight different iPad models.

The PIVOT Omni 97X Case fits the iPad generation 5 an 6, the iPad Pro 9.7″, and the iPad Air 2. The PIVOT Pro 10″ Case fits the iPad generation 7 and 8, the iPad Pro 10.5″ and the iPad Air 3. The overall size of these tablets is roughly the same, but PIVOT has designed the cutouts and interior dimensions to accommodate slightly different iPads. Between those two models, that cover most of the larger size iPads. The only major model missing is the iPad Pro 11″ – which has its own specific PIVOT case.

Pivot case

PIVOT cases now fit a variety of iPad models.

Like all PIVOT cases, these new ones are constructed of polycarbonate outer shells with an interior suspension system to keep the iPad protected. They really can take a beating, including a drop on the ramp from your airplane (trust us, we know). That internal suspension system also means that only 30% of the case back comes into contact with the iPad, which reduces overheating. Each case includes a smart cover that can protect the screen when not in use or serve as a stand for watching videos or typing emails.

Pair the PIVOT case with the company’s suction cup kit and you have an easy mounting solution. Simply grab the case and squeeze the back of it, then slide it onto the suction cup attachment point. It will snap in place, and the whole process can be done one-handed. When you’re done flying, slide the case out of the suction cup, attach the cover and you have a daily iPad case.

The PIVOT Omni 97X case is available for $144.95, and the PIVOT Pro 10″ case is available for $144.95 as well. For iPad mini users, a model is available that fits both the 4th and 5th generations.