iPad Pilot News print edition now online

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At least once a year, we release a print version of iPad Pilot News. While you can always read the latest tips and news on our website, sometimes it’s nice to browse a magazine layout. Click the cover below to download the full issue as a PDF:

Download the PDF version here

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  1. Stephen Leonard
    Stephen Leonard says:

    Starting several iOS updates ago, my iPad keeps nagging me to enable two-factor authentication. I haven’t, and I carefully keep my fingers far from that spot on the screen to avoid inadvertently enabling it. Apple’s online info confirms that once enabled, it cannot be disabled again. And my understanding is that new iPads mandate that it be enabled.

    But doesn’t two-factor authentication make it impossible to start or restart an iPad in flight, far from cell phone or WiFi range? Is there a way to deal with this so pilots aren’t faced with a useless iPad until they can land and receive their activation code?

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