Coflyt app simplifies aircraft ownership and maintenance tracking

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The lifecycle of most pilots’ aviation journey begins at the local flight school in pursuit of a private pilot certificate. The student’s primary focus is on flight training and preparing for the knowledge and flight tests, leaving maintenance and record-keeping responsibilities to the flight school or FBO.

Fast forward to after the checkride, when many pilots purchase their own airplane and take full advantage of the freedom a pilot certificate offers. This brings new challenges and responsibilities, including maintenance and aircraft time tracking, squawks and airworthiness directive (AD) compliance.

Like with other aspects of aviation, the iPhone and iPad can simplify these routine tasks and help you stay organized, thanks to the Coflyt app. This easy-to-use mobile and online app allows pilots to log Hobbs/tach time from each flight and track inspection requirements.

After creating an account and adding a new airplane, you’ll spend some time entering the current status of your aircraft, including recent inspections, registration, insurance, nav database status, required IFR checks and airworthiness inspection compliance. You’ll also enter your engine status in the Engine Logs, which tracks oil changes, top and major overhaul status for the engine.

Once your aircraft is set up, you’ll see a helpful status screen each time you open the app, which displays all the important airworthiness info at a glance and any outstanding squawks.

When it comes time to fly, you’ll use the Flights section of the app to log engine tach time in/out, as well as Hobbs time, just as you would when renting an airplane from your flight school. This allows the app to track airplane usage and update the status accordingly.

Flight data is kept in sync between all your devices, allowing for quick entry on your iPhone, iPad or Android phone, as well as online in a web browser. After logging several flights, you’ll see a well-organized flight log and visual depiction on a map of where you’ve flown.

Aircraft ownership is all about organization and record-keeping, and Coflyt makes this task a breeze. The service offers a 30-day free trial to get started, and then requires a $14/month subscription to provides tracking for up to 2 aircraft.  Coflyt also offers a multi-pilot plan for $36/month, which adds aircraft scheduling in the app and financial management, perfect for flying clubs. Additional aircraft can be added to either plan for an extra $10/month.

Download the Coflyt app here

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