Plane Finder app adds new alerts and weather layers

1 min read

Flight tracking apps like Plane Finder provide a great way to keep an eye on real-time flights across the globe right from your iPhone or iPad. In addition to providing an interactive map with a slick user interface, Plane Finder also offers a unique augmented reality mode that allows you to use your iPhone or iPad’s camera to view the status of air traffic in the sky above you.

The latest update adds the ability to overlay weather layers on the map to show how current conditions are impacting air traffic flows and airports worldwide. Plane Finder also recently added the option to send push notifications when an aircraft declares an emergency or when the app detects a unique or interesting flight.

New Weather Layers

You’ll find a new weather layers button at the bottom right of the screen to enable Precipitation, Surface Pressure, Wind Speed and Cloud Cover overlays. Here’s a look at what each looks like:


Surface Pressure

Wind Speed

Cloud Cover

You can enable multiple weather layers simultaneously, and change the opacity of each from the Settings menu.

Plane Finder Alerts

Plane Finder also recently added new automated alerting features, expanding on its custom alert feature. When enabled, the app will send a push notification when an aircraft squawks 7700, or when the Plane Finder team identifies a unique or interesting flight.

Plane Finder is free to download, but the weather layers, advanced alerts and augmented reality features require a premium subscription to access. The app offers a 14-day free trial, providing a great way to try them out, and then it’s only $9.99 to unlock all the premium features for 12 months.