Sporty’s Pilot Training app adds new 2020 Courses

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Sporty’s Pilot Training app has helped tens of thousands of pilots earn their pilot certificate, add new ratings, learn how to use a wide variety of advanced avionics systems and get checked out in new aircraft types. The platform is famous for its relentless pace of innovation, bringing new content, new training tools, and technological enhancements every year.

Pilot Training offers pilots the ultimate flexibility in training, providing access to all of Sporty’s aviation courses on dedicated iPhone and iPad apps, an Android app, online and on  the TV, using the included AppleTV app, RokuTV channel and Chromecast support.

The iOS and Android apps received another big update last week, adding some exciting new features and the inclusion of Sporty’s 2020 Learn to Fly and Instrument Rating courses. In addition to new HD video content and expanded TV options, the apps and online courses were updated with Sporty’s AirSync technology, allowing seamless transfer of test prep sessions and results between devices. The apps also added a new powerful document feature with access to all the FAA handbooks for supplemental study.

Ace your knowledge test

While the 15 hours of in-flight HD video and detailed animations that make up the heart of Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course in the Pilot Training app, it’s the powerful FAA test prep component of the course that pilots look to when preparing for the knowledge test. This component has been completely overhauled in the 2020 courses, adding new study modes, performance tracking, and the new AirSync feature.

First, you’ll notice four new ways to work through the database of over 1,000 questions in the app. In addition to studying specific categories of questions, you can also select to study a custom number of random questions, marked questions or questions you’ve always answered incorrectly. You can also create a smart study session, where the app learns from your progress and creates customized quizzes to drill on topics that need improvement.

After completing a session, you can review how you performed in each category, and start a new session at any time based on correct, incorrect or marked questions from that session. Sporty’s new AirSync feature makes studying more convenient as well, by syncing all sessions and results to all your devices – computer, iOS apps, and Android app. This allows you to start a session on your laptop, and finish and review it later in any of the apps.

Video Review Notes and FAA Document Library

There are times during your private or instrument training, whether watching a video segment or studying test questions, when it’s helpful to read supporting material to learn more about a challenging subject. To assist with this, the updated courses include an in-depth study guide with Video Review Notes, discussing key topics from each video segment. It’s easy to read as you watch each segment, or you can print out the entire document for more thorough study.

Taking this one step further, the app also added a new document library that provides access to applicable FAA handbooks, like the Airplane Flying Handbook and Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge for Private training, and the Instrument Flying Handbook for pilots working on an instrument rating. Each book includes interactive outlines and search capabilities to quickly locate key topics, and the ability to add bookmarks to help organize your studying.

Checkride Prep

Preparing for the checkride with an FAA examiner is a challenge in itself, so the online version of the course added three new tools to help pilots make sure they’re prepared. First, interactive Checkride Prep Flashcards are an easy way to test your knowledge of key subjects, ensuring you’ll be ready to talk about regulations, airspace, and systems. Next, a complete practical test checklist explains everything you need for the big day, from certificates to logbook entries. Finally, a special video segment shows you what to expect on the checkride, with tips from an active pilot examiner.

New TV Apps

Sporty’s was the first training provider to bring streaming HD aviation training to the big screen with an AppleTV app several years ago. This provides an additional level of convenience and allows pilots to watch the latest aviation training videos from the comfort of the couch at home. The latest update adds two additional TV formats, RokuTV and Chromecast, to the Smart TV lineup. To access Pilot Training on your Roku, search for “Sporty’s Pilot Training” on your device to install the free channel, and then log in.

The Chromecast feature requires a TV that supports Chromecast, or a connected Chromecast streaming dongle. When in the iPhone, iPad or Android app, you’ll then see the familiar “cast” button that can then be used to send the video segment from your mobile device to your TV.

All three TV apps are included at no extra cost and automatically sync progress with the online course and mobile apps.

How to get the courses

You can purchases access to any of the 20 aviation training courses right from Sporty’s website, including the 2020 Learn to Fly Course and Instrument Rating Course. You’ll gain instant access to all the course platforms for one price. If you’ve already purchased one of these courses (both courses include lifetime updates), you just need to download the mobile app and sign in with your username/password or log in to Sporty’s Online Course Portal.

Sporty’s also offers access to ALL its courses through the Flight Crew Membership program. After purchasing a monthly or annual subscription, you’ll have unlimited access to all the aviation courses Sporty’s offers, in addition to other benefits like free shipping and a free flight lesson at Sporty’s flight school.

iPhone/iPaddownload the free app here

Androiddownload the free app here

AppleTV – go to the App Store on AppleTV (4th Gen or newer) and search for Pilot Training

RokuTV App – search for the Sporty’s Pilot Training Channel on your Roku device

Online – visit Sporty’s Course Catalog and purchase direct access to any course

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