New Robust Mount accessories expand mounting options

2 min read

For the last six months, we’ve been flying with the Robust line of mounts in a variety of aircraft. As we mentioned in a previous product review, this collection of phone and tablet mounts offers excellent quality at surprisingly affordable prices. The cradles are also universal, so they accommodate different size iPads and even most cases. Until recently, the only options for a base were the standard yoke clamp and suction cup, but now there are three additional options.

The Sticky Suction Base is just what it sounds like – a slightly stickier version of the popular suction cup mount. The advantage of the sticky version is that it works on surfaces other than windows. We’ve had success with this suction cup on smooth glare shields, car dashes and other porous surfaces. It includes a standard 1″ (25mm) ball so it’s compatible with all Robust  and RAM arms. The Sticky Suction Base is available for $9.95.

The Double Suction Cup Base will be a popular option for pilots of pressurized and high performance airplanes. Many airline pilots use a double suction cup mount because it is more reliable during pressure changes – where as a single cup might fall off as you climb through 12,000 feet, a second cup reduces the chance of a falling iPad. They are also a good option for heavier devices like large iPads. The two suction cups take up more room on the window than a traditional single cup model, so it may not be a great fit in smaller airplanes, but the cups individually pivot and have locking levers to hold firm. The Double Suction Cup Base is available for $19.95.

The C-Clamp Base is the best option for mounting a device to the front edge of the glare shield. It features an adjustable screw that can open to 1.6″ wide, which is enough for most newer airplane dashes. Simply tighten the screw then add an arm and a cradle. This allows the iPad to hang down below the glare shield, which is a good alternative to a yoke mount if that option isn’t available. The clamp can also attach to other hard surfaces, so it’s a fairly versatile base. The C-Clamp Base is available for $14.95.

All three of the new bases are compatible with both Robust and RAM mount systems, using the standard 1″ ball. Of course the complete Robust Mounts yoke and suction cup kits are still available. These includes all three parts: base, arm, and cradle. With prices under $50, they are a great value.