New RAM Perfect Fit Cradles released for iPad Pro 11″ and 12.9″ models

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The 11″ iPad Pro features an edge-to-edge screen and high-performance processor.

The iPad Pro 11″ is hands down the best full-size iPad for pilots. We’ve been flying with it for nearly a year now and we love it. The combination of a bright, edge-to-edge, low-glare screen and a lightning-fast processor makes it our top choice for pilots who don’t mind paying a premium for Apple’s top-of-the-line model.

Mounting options can be somewhat limited when new iPad models are released, and that has definitely been the case with the latest iPad Pro. Updated kneeboards for the iPad Pro 11″ hit the market just a few months ago and take advantage of improved securing mechanisms that don’t block the screen. And now the long-awaited Perfect Fit Cradles were just released from RAM and allow you to secure the iPad Pro 11″ and 12.9″ models using their custom, form-fitting EZ-Roll’r cradles.

RAM Cradles for iPad Pro

The RAM cradle for the latest iPad Pro models secures your device in a form-fit holder without covering any area of the screen. Like with RAM’s other EZ-Roll’r cradles, simply slide your iPad into the cradle and roll the top clip over the device to secure into place. The side buttons, camera, and charging port are conveniently exposed and accessible.

The new RAM cradle also features three separate attachment points on the back to provide flexibility when attaching a RAM round ball base. An attachment point on the side of the cradle allows for the placement and removal of the Apple Pencil.

If you just want to upgrade your existing RAM Mount, the 11″ cradle and 12.9″ cradle are available as standalone products and include the 1″ ball attachment. If you’re looking for a complete kit, check out the Custom RAM Mount Builder to create a custom option using the new Pro cradle

If your iPad Pro 11″ has a case, consider the large X-Grip mount from RAM, which utilizes a spring-loaded cradle. This is an easy, one-handed mechanism that grabs the iPad (with or without a case) using four rubber fingers. This is the best choice for really thick cases, like the Otterbox. It’s pretty handy, but the mount ends up being fairly large and heavy. Again, there are suction cup and yoke mount kits, or you can buy the cradle by itself for $78.95.


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  1. Scott W
    Scott W says:

    Just purchased this case from Sporty’s for my 11″ iPad Pro. It fits like a glove, and can be a little difficult to attach the first couple of times. Once attached, it’s hardly noticeable, and doesn’t encroach on the screen at all. I was able to easily use a RAM yoke mount and standard arm in a Warrior II. If you’re buying from Sporty’s it will come with a 1″ ball attachment, as described (but not seen in any pictures).

  2. Doug
    Doug says:

    I have a Pro 11” with a Zugu case that hardly adds any dimensions, maybe 1/4” all around. Will the new holder still fit or will I need to remove from the Zugu to put in the holder?

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