Product PIREP video: Robust Mounting Systems

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A few months ago, we reported on a new mount option for pilots that promised lower prices and lighter weight. Robust Mounts feature universal cradles (one for tablets, one for phones) that adapt to different sizes and can even accommodate cases – no need to remove your skin or buy a new mount when you get a new tablet. While a suction cup mount has been available for a while, there’s now a yoke mount option, making this a solid contender for GA pilots. To test it out in real world conditions, we recently took the Robust Mounts flying in a Cessna 172. Here’s our video report.

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  1. Carl Mayo
    Carl Mayo says:

    The report on the Robust Mounts for phones and pads would have better been done on the ground–better audio and multiple video view options.

    If a cockpit makes a for bad learning environment, the same applies to a sales room.

    The Robust mound looks to have many good features, and I love the name. It’s genius.

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