Sporty’s Study Buddy apps updated with improved learning features

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During your flight training, it’s important for you to develop an organized study plan while preparing for the FAA knowledge test. While some of the questions will test you on real-world topics like sectional chart symbology or airplane performance planning, the reality is that a lot of the test requires repetitive study and rote learning to achieve a successful outcome.

Fortunately Sporty’s offers a collection of training apps to help you study and prepare for the Private Pilot, Sport Pilot, Instrument Pilot and Remote Pilot (Drone) Knowledge tests.

While these apps are not designed to provide a comprehensive ground and flight training solution like Sporty’s Learn to Fly or Instrument Rating Course, they are perfect for studying question explanations and taking practice tests when on the go on your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

The most recent updates allow you to take your studying one step further during your study sessions. In addition to reviewing the detailed explanations for each answer selection to learn why it is right or wrong, each answer selection now includes an interactive link to the FAA resource from which the question is based. This is perfect for those times when you want to dive deeper into the subject matter to fully understand the topic.

In addition to the new interactive answer references, the updated apps include hundreds of new questions, answers, and explanations written by the CFIs at Sporty’s Academy, ensuring you’re prepared for the questions you’ll see on the real test.

Both the Android and iOS apps incorporate 3 separate training modes:

Learning Mode allows you to create custom review sessions by selecting exactly which categories you want to review. Each session randomly generates the question order and provides instant feedback based on your answer selection. Each question also provides a detailed description as to why each answer is right and a direct link to the FAA handbook or resource to learn more about the subject. The explanations and references were developed by Sporty’s team of pilots and instructors, based on their decades of experience.

Flashcard Mode tests your knowledge by allowing you to only see the question without the answer choices. After answering the question mentally, you can then tap a button to show the correct answer, and self-grade your progress along the way.

Test Mode randomly generates a 60-question session (40 for Sport) from the entire database of test questions, simulating the real test. After answering all the questions, you’ll be given instant results, and have the option to review either all the questions or just missed questions. Included in the review session are the same detailed explanations for why each answer is correct.

There’s also a progress report section that makes it easy to track previous test results and resume incomplete study sessions. This is a good way to focus on areas which require more study.

Sporty’s Study Buddy apps are available starting at $14.99 and include free updates.


Sporty’s Private Pilot Study Buddy download for iPhone and iPad / download for Android

Sporty’s Sport Pilot Study Buddy – download for iPhone and iPad / download for Android

Sporty’s Instrument Pilot Study Buddy – download for iPhone and iPad / download for Android

Sporty’s Remote Pilot Study Buddy – download for iPhone and iPad / download for Android

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