Sporty’s Pilot Training app continues to grow and add new courses

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The updates continue to roll out for Sporty’s Pilot Training app, aviation’s top resource for flight training courses for iPhone, iPad, AppleTV and Android devices. The latest update delivers new test prep features, new avionics training courses and support for the new iPad Pro 11″ and 12.9″ models. Here are the details.

iOS Updates – New courses and offline features

The Pilot Training app for iPhone, iPad and AppleTV includes a wide range of training courses, from Private and Instrument Training, to Communications instruction and Helicopter flying. The latest version adds 2 new avionics training courses, the 2019 Garmin G1000 Checkout Course and Flying the Aspen Evolution.

The new Garmin G1000 training course includes over 2 hours of all new HD video, showing how to master the system for VFR and IFR flying in Cessna and Cirrus airplanes.

The Flying the Aspen Evolution course provides in-depth training on flying with Aspen’s PFD and MFD retrofit avionics system. Lastly, the Flying with ForeFlight course was updated with new video training segments to show the app’s latest features in action, like pre-departure clearances (PDC), SID/STAR procedure shortcuts and runway final approach alerts. In addition to accessing any of the 13 courses in the Pilot Training app, you can also access each using web browser on a computer or from the dedicated AppleTV app.

One of the unique features in the iPad and iPhone versions of the course is that you can save videos to your device for later offline viewing when an internet connection isn’t available. The latest update adds a new smart download manager feature, allowing you to efficiently download a large selection of videos while continuing to use other features in the app. It also stores partial download progress, allowing you to resume downloading a large video file at a later time if you the process gets interrupted.

Finally, the Pilot Training app added support for the new 11″ and 12.9″ iPad Pro models, allowing it to take advantage of the large edge-to-edge screen on the newest iPads.

FAA test prep comes to Android

While the iPad dominates the tablet space in aviation, many pilots prefer Android for their everyday phone. The latest Android phones are pretty impressive and we see more and more pilots switching over from iPhone. Fortunately, Sporty’s released a brand new Pilot Training app for Android with these pilots in mind, which is automatically included with each course purchase.

The latest update to the app adds a new FAA test prep component to the Learn to Fly Course and Instrument Rating Courses. Students can select categories of questions to create custom study sessions, and get instant feedback after selecting an answer on why it is correct or incorrect.

As you continue to prepare for the knowledge test, you can take simulated 60-question FAA practice tests to make sure you’re ready for the real thing. All practice test results sync automatically with the included online and iOS versions of the courses, allowing you to request and earn your knowledge test endorsement immediately after completing all the video training and scoring 80% or higher on two practice tests.

Sporty’s has plans to bring all their aviation courses to the Android platform, so stay tuned for more updates as the app continues to grow in 2019.

For more information

Pilot Training for iPhone/iPad – download the free app here

Pilot Training for Android – download the free app here

Pilot Training for AppleTV – go to the App Store on AppleTV (4th Gen or newer) and search for Pilot Training

Pilot Training Online – visit Sporty’s Course Catalog and purchase direct access to any course


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    Jim Wills says:

    Consider doing a series on the JPI engine monitors. Their manuals are adequate, although they don’t seem to have a separate manual for the EDM 790 for light twins, which I just put in my Aztec. They seem to want you to use the manual for its predecessor, the more primitive 760, which is nonetheless a great instrument. Youtube videos are nonexistent or at best not very helpful. Thanks.

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