Portable ADS-B and SiriusXM receiver buyer’s guide


Today’s portable weather accessories for iPad have evolved from basic ADS-B receivers to sophisticated, multi-sensor devices capable of providing in-flight information that rivals many panel-mount avionics systems. For less than $1,000 you can have in-flight weather (ADS-B or SiriusXM), GPS, traffic, flight data recorder and a backup attitude/heading display, all on your iPad. There are a lot of options out there, so we assembled this buyer’s guide to help you sort out the details. Click on the image for a larger version:


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  1. I wish you had included the new Dynon portable which came out at OSH. In the few flights I used it on it appears to perform as well as the Stratus with the additional 1090 channel capability

  2. The guide leaves out a few notable details. The Garmin GDL 5X series of receivers is now compatible with ForeFlight, which is detailed on both Garmin and ForeFlight’s websites.

  3. “Garmin GDL 5X series of receivers is now compatible with ForeFlight”
    This news presents some consideration. When Stratus recently changed models from 2S to 3, without much trade-in allowance for recent 2S purchasers, discontent started to rumble among new owners. Then the advent of the SirusXM SXART came for Satellite weather. Purchase of the SiriusXM SXART allowed the Stratus to have Satellite weather, rather than ADS-B weather, however, the Stratus still had the inability to have satellite weather and ADS-B traffic integrated on the same screen image (as Garmin 52 does). The pricing and integration advantages may sway many from the Stratus 3 upgrade or purchase with SXART option, to simply purchasing a Garmin 52. Technology and product progression marches on…

  4. Does your company or parent/affiliate company have any type of business relationship with Appareo?

    I see they are always listed first in graphs and seem to get lots of positive press, regardless of price.

  5. Whether the devices support the GDL90 is now an important feature. Also, I agree with others that the list should include the Dynon DRX unit.

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