MyRadar adds precipitation prediction feature

1 min read

Some people love push notifications on mobile devices to keep up with timely, important information, while others find them nagging and annoying. While you probably don’t need to see a pop-up alert for every Facebook update or incoming email message, notifications can be beneficial when configured properly.

They are especially useful in aviation apps to keep you informed of important information during the final hours leading up to a flight. For example, you can receive alerts that contain the expected ATC routing for an IFR flight, or when a TFR is published near your current location.

The latest push notification option comes in the form of a weather alert from the popular MyRadar app, designed to get your attention on the ground when precipitation is heading your way. The notifications make use of MyRadar’s customized weather data infrastructure to proactively alert you as to when rain or snow will hit – down to the minute, up to an hour in advance – including the type of precipitation imminent; light drizzle, heavy rain, or snow.

These can be enabled from the Settings button (gear symbol) > Notification Settings > Rain Alerts. You can further customize the alert by specifying the minimum level of precipitation needed to trigger the alert. For example, it will only alert you to moderate precipitation (or heavier) if you select that option. This precipitation prediction feature is currently available in the free version of MyRadar, and will be added to MyRadar Pro soon.