The Aviation WB Calculator app is back

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The Aviation WB Calculator app was one of the first weight and balance apps for iPad back in 2011 and was a big hit among pilots. Unfortunately, the app was not updated to keep up with the latest iOS requirements last year and disappeared from the app store in the Fall. We heard from many pilots who were disappointed at the time, but the good news is the app is back and completely redesigned.

Version 2.0 is an update to the existing Aviation WB app, so if you still had it installed and buried in a folder on your iPad, you’ll see an update for the app ready to download in the updates section of the app store (or download it directly here). That’s about where the similarities end, as when you open it for the first time you’ll see a brand new design and interface. Here are a few highlights of the new features:

  • Unlimited amount of stations / envelope points
  • Automatic sync of aircraft data among user’s multiple devices
  • Dynamic envelope results while inputting weights
  • Managed template library
  • New UI experience for a more effective and easier app usage
  • Landscape support for tablets
  • Android compatibility

It’s also optimized for all iPhone screen sizes, making it much more useful for quick calculations on larger iPhone screens when you don’t have your iPad handy.

When launching the app for the first time you’ll need to create a free user account, which is used to keep your aircraft profiles in sync among all your devices. Because this is really a brand new version of the app, you will need to recreate any aircraft profiles that you had previously set up in the old version of the app. To save some time, it includes templates for 25 common airplanes, including many of the popular models from Cessna and Piper. There’s also a form included to contact the app developer directly to request a template for a model not currently offered. And as with the previous versions of the app, you can quickly create a custom profile using the included template builder.

When it comes time to perform a calculation, simply enter in the weights and the app takes care of the rest.

There’s also a summary screen that shows all the details of the flight and includes the ability to share it via the standard iOS methods, using Messages, Email, Files app, etc.

The new Aviation WB is a free download and includes a 90-day free trial, but there isn’t any information available yet from the developers as to what the subscription price will be after the free trial expires.

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  1. Ronald Pogatchnik
    Ronald Pogatchnik says:

    I purchased the original App and it worked very well. But like all these apps you pay big money for , they let it die when they had sold all they could. Then they come up with a new app and want to charge a monthly fee. They cant even make the new App accept all the old aircraft. Now they want to sell it and expect you to do all the setup for each aircraft again.
    This is a rip-off.

    • Gary Hudson
      Gary Hudson says:

      I agree with you 100%. We paid good money for the original. The developer had the ability to update it to work with iOS 11 but instead let his fail because he had a money making scheme up his sleeve that entailed ripping off the original purchasers. I refuse to support this piece of ***t of a deleoper. iPad News to to catch up on the truth.

  2. Joel Champlin
    Joel Champlin says:

    I downloaded it and have not seen where they are charging for it. Maybe I am missing something.

  3. Mike Peter
    Mike Peter says:

    I work for a company that used the app company wide. We were very happy with it back then and were sad when it was no longer supported by the new iOS.
    After installing the new app I was given 90 days free trial.
    One of the team members (Yeval) contacted me and offered his help with building my aircraft.He also explained the reasons for building a new app and said that the subscription will be yearly and not monthly and the price plans will be available within couple of weeks.
    Personally I think this is the best available W&B app and I don’t mind paying a reasonable yearly price to support their team and make it work.So far very impressed with the app.

    • Gary Hudson
      Gary Hudson says:

      if you think paying the developer twice is ok then apparently the cost previously did not come out of your personal pocket.

  4. Sheldon
    Sheldon says:

    After they quit updating the app I started using the W & B calculator in Foreflight. Works great!
    I refuse to pay for an app not only twice but then monthly!
    Good luck.

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