New aircraft transition courses available in Sporty’s Pilot Training app

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Sporty’s released their new Pilot Training app last year, bringing an all-new training course concept to iPhone, iPad and AppleTV. The app was created to replace their first-generation training course apps to take advantage of the latest in mobile app development technology and add some cutting-edge new features.

Another key feature of the Pilot Training app is that it’s designed to keep all your courses organized in one location, with room to grow as new courses become available. It initially launched with Sporty’s 3 most popular flight pilot training courses, including Learn to Fly (Private/Sport/Recreational training), Instrument Rating and Flying with ForeFlight, and now features 10 separate course offerings.

Each course includes downloadable video content, test preparation, review quizzes and study guides. Best of all you can access each course on whatever device is most convenient, iPhone, iPad or AppleTV, and your progress automatically stays in sync. Each course also includes access to an online version accessible from any computer web browser.

The latest update to the Pilot Training app adds 4 new aircraft transition courses for pilots learning to fly Helicopters, Seaplanes, Gliders and Multiengine airplanes.


How to get the new courses

After downloading the Pilot Training app, you can try each course out free by viewing a limited amount of content. You can then purchase access to the course directly in the app, or at

iPhone/iPad – download the free app here

AppleTV – go to the App Store on AppleTV (4th Gen or newer) and search for Pilot Training

Online – visit Sporty’s Course Catalog and purchase direct access to any course