How to mount your iPhone in the cockpit


The iPhone 6, 7, 8 and X models are finding a home in many cockpits, as pilots come to appreciate the larger screens on these phones as alternatives to growing size of the iPad Pro line and lack of updates to the iPad Mini.

The increased readability makes the latest iPhones a great backup option as an Electronic Flight Bag, since it’s probably in your pocket already and one app subscription works on multiple devices. Even beyond backup, some pilots are using the iPhone X and 7/8 Plus as their primary EFB, finding its large-but-not-too-large size to be just right for yoke mounting.

Regardless of how you use your iPhone, it’s smart to secure it in the cockpit. In our experience RAM offers the best selection of mounts to keep them stable, so we’ll start there.

The simplest option is RAM’s classic EZ-Rol’r style, which features a fixed bottom and a semi-flexible top that snaps over the iPhone screen to hold it in place. These are extremely well-made mounts that can stand up to years of abuse. If you already have a RAM suction cup or yoke mount, it’s easy and inexpensive to buy only the cradle, then add it to your existing mount. These are available for both the iPhone 6/6S/7/8 and the iPhone 6/6S/7/8 Plus. Note that these mounts are form-fitting, so they will not work with a case on your phone.

iPhone 6 RAM mount

For those flying with the iPhone X, or who want to mount any size iPhone without having to first remove a protective case, check out the RAM X-grip mount. This is available in a small size that’s ideal for almost all smartphones, and its quick-release design makes it fast and easy to remove your phone. Again, you can purchase only the cradle, or as a kit for suction cup and yoke mount.

RAM x grip phone

For MyGoFlight users, there are also some good options. The universal Phone Cradle has an expandable aluminum clamp that will fit almost all smartphones, even with a case on. If you already own a MyGoFlight mount, this is an easy way to upgrade your system. If you’re new to MyGoFlight, this universal Phone cradle can be connected to either a Yoke Mount or Suction Cup option. These systems are more expensive than RAM Mounts, but they are well made and the offer more flexibility.

MyGoFlight iPhone mount


The complete selection of iPhone mounts is available here.


  1. A nice & short sumup of mounts. Reading this – does anybody else uses an iPhone X and encounters effects of the FaceID IR pixel thrower? In our cockpit we banned the X because some avionics optical sensors did not like it in night flight (still hope Aplle will not move all iPhone to FaceID …).

    • Interesting, I hadn’t thought of that. An easy fix would be a piece of electrical tape across the notch where the IR led is. If this is a problem for a lot of other users, Sporty’s could sell a case with a flip-over cover.

    • Apple is aware that many EFB programs still need TouchID. When you say “We” banned the X, who is “We”? I manage the EFB program at SWA.

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