Are you legal to fly with the iPad? Use this flow chart to help decide


The number one question we get on using an iPad for charts is whether it is “legal” for aviation use. The definition of “legal” depends on what type of flying you do and what you’re using your iPad for, so there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. To shed some light on the topic we’ve created a flow chart to help guide you through the process based on your flight operation.

At the bottom of the page you’ll find links to the FARs and ACs referenced in the chart, along with information for commercial operators to assist with the FAA approval process.


Additional information:

Sporty’s Easy Approval for iPad (FAR Part 91F, 121, 125 and 135)

Advisory Circular 91-21

Advisory Circular 91-78

Advisory Circular 120-76

FAR 91.21 (Portable Electronic Devices)

FAR Part 91F (Large and turbine-powered multiengine airplanes)


  1. Whoa! Not so fast there cowboy. There is no requirement for paper charts for VFR flight under part 91 for small aircraft. If one wants to use IPad for VFR flight, there is no prohibition.
    The Advisory Circular 91-71 is simply “ADVISORY.” It takes a regulation (CFR) to mandate that. You can have a road map if you wish, or an outdated chart.

    FAA may try to make a case that you did not comply with 14 CFR 91.103, but as I recall, they would have to make that case.

  2. Hi Randy;
    Looks to me that this article is not in Conflict with what you are saying.
    For VFR pt.91 light aircraft the flow chart says EFB only is ok.
    You seem to be saying it says otherwise.