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FltPlan Go adds improved download manager

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Popular provider for flight planning and preflight services especially among corporate flight crews, FltPlan.com has continued to improve upon their free companion mobile app, FltPlan Go for iPad and iPhone. The most recent update includes some major improvements to the downloads section.

FltPlan Go Downloads 1

After tapping the Downloads icon on the lower portion of the sidebar menu, you’ll be presented with the familiar download manager but with some changes to how available downloads are listed. Instead of a drill down type list of maps, procedures, etc., downloads are now shown as colored coded icons. This view, previously available only for informational purposes, has now become an integrated and interactive download management tool. Locate the content you desire to save, then tap the button to add to the download queue.

Removing downloads is also now much easier. While you can still tap the trash can icon and browse through and delete existing downloads, a simpler method is to tap and hold on any icon to remove that selected file.

Each download is color coded, with green indicating the content is current and saved for offline use. Other colors very in status with a legend below describing each option in detail.

FltPlan Go Downloads 2

This new icon style display makes it much easier to get a full picture of which parts of the country are downloaded and current. Just a quick glance reveals lots of useful info instead of digging through multiple levels of menus and table to find if you have the current charts downloaded.

According to FltPlan.com, in addition to the overhaul of the Downloads view, the iOS app has received some other minor enhancements in the latest updates. You can get the update by tapping on the App Store icon and choosing update. If you don’t have the FltPlan Go app you can download and use it for free.