ForeFlight keyboard updated with improved design

1 min read

Earlier this year we reviewed a third-party plug-in app for ForeFlight, called FFKeyboard, that allows you to add a custom iPad keyboard to ForeFlight. This can save you time (and paper) when using ForeFlight’s scratchpad to copy ATC clearances and instructions. The app has been a hit with pilots, thanks to its thoughtful keyboard shortcuts that allow you to quickly insert common words and phrases found in ATC clearances.

The app has come a long way since we first flew with it back in March and now includes an improved, color-coded key layout. The new design groups similar abbreviations and phrases together with various color shades, making it much easier to find what you’re looking for when ATC provides a rapid-fire clearance.

FFKeyboard also includes support for the swipe gesture, allowing you to swipe left or right on the keyboard to switch between the 7 main layouts: ATIS, Clearance Delivery, Taxi, Tower Departure, En Route, Approach and Tower Approach.

FFKeyboard is available in the app store for $3.99. Read our full review here for installation instructions and ForeFlight configuration settings.