New iPad webinar video from EAA

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EAA partnered with iPad Pilot News last week to present a new webinar on flying with the iPad. The latest version of the popular “10 things every iPad pilot should know” runs 90 minutes and covers connected cockpit strategies, iPad flight planning techniques, datalink weather, how to improve runway safety using the iPad, advanced ForeFlight tips, iPad gotchas and much more.

Click the link below to watch the video on EAA’s site (mobile-friendly), or watch the video at the bottom of this post on your laptop (requires Flash; not iPad-compatible).

EAA video player: 10 things every iPad pilot should know

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  1. Rick Garner
    Rick Garner says:

    Great webinar! I didn’t have a chance to attend the real time webinar but I appreciate the opportunity to view it after the broadcast. I have been flying with the iPad and ForeFlight for 3 – 4 years now and I have subscribed to the iPad Pilot News since the beginning (very informational) so I thought I knew just about everything I need to know but I did pick up a few valuable tips tonight, the most important (to me) was backups. I fly a lot of IFR in my Cessna Cardinal (no autopilot but I do have a GNS-430). I used to carry paper backups in the beginning but as I grew comfortable with the reliability of the iPad my paper backups diminished to a couple of expired procedure books that are now probably 2 years old. Since I recently switched from an android cell phone to an iPhone, it suddenly occurred to me while watching your presentation that I could install the ForeFlight app on my iPhone and use it as a backup. I actually installed the app and updated all my charts while watching your presentation on my PC! It was a very simple process and now I feel much better about dealing with the unlikely but possible scenario of an iPad failure or lockup in flight. Many thanks for your contributions to aviation safety. Keep up the great work!

    Rick Garner, Private Pilot, Instrument rating

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