Top 10 articles of 2016 at iPad Pilot News

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We published over 150 articles, videos and quizzes on iPad Pilot News this year. While some of them covered the latest news or app features, many of them offered practical advice for increasing your iPad’s utility or reliability. Below you’ll find the top 10 most popular articles over the course of the year; all of them are still worth reading.

iPad memory management – how to free up storage space. Here’s what to do when you can’t download the latest database updates because your iPad has run out of space.

How to maximize iPad battery life – tips for better performance. The most common reason an iPad fails in flight is lack of battery. This article explains how to maximize it and how to make sure you aren’t left with a paperweight.

Don’t let your iPad overheat – and crash. Overheating is a pain, especially if you fly in warm weather a lot, but there is a lot you can do to prevent it.

What’s the best iPad for pilots. If you’re thinking about a new tablet, this article has all the information you need to make an informed decision. It’s worth reading even for iPad pros, since there are more options than ever.

ADS-B traffic 101. Few topics are more confusing than ADS-B traffic: sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t work and sometimes it sort of works. Here we’ll explain the specifics of ADS-B traffic and offer some common scenarios, complete with graphics.

iPad legal briefing – what pilots need to know. Is the iPad legal? The answer is almost always yes, but sometimes there is paperwork involved. This article walks through the applicable regulations and Advisory Circular language so you know what you can do.

Top 10 apps for pilots, non-EFB edition. Every pilot has their own favorite Electronic Flight Bag app, whether it’s ForeFlight, Garmin Pilot or Fltplan Go. But what about other apps? This list offers 10 popular aviation apps that go beyond moving maps and weather.

New ADS-B transponders from Garmin included iPad option. Garmin’s announcement of its GTX 335 and 345 transponders made quite a stir this summer. These all-in-one solutions offer 2020 compliance, plus optional ADS-B In features.

Flight test: new 9.7″ iPad Pro. The latest version of Apple’s 10″ tablet may be the best ever for pilots. We took the 9.7″ iPad Pro flying to test out the anti-glare screen and new processor, and found a lot to like.

Pilot’s aviation app directory. Looking for a comprehensive list of all the aviation apps we’ve flown with? This is your one stop resource, with over 100 links to helpful apps from a variety of sources.