Check it out: a dual iPad instrument panel

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It was only a matter of time until the iPad found its way into an experimental airplane as the primary display for flight instruments, engine instruments and moving map. iPad Pilot News reader, pilot and aircraft builder Chris Brammer recently completed his Zenith CH750 STOL and equipped the instrument panel with 2 iPads front and center. These serve as the primary and multifunction flight displays (PFD and MFD) for the Zenith.

The pilot side iPad is running the AHRS Utility app, connected to a remote-mounted iLevel 2-AW and GRT EIS 4000 for engine monitoring. The copilot iPad is running WingX Pro and is also connected to the iLevil for GPS and ADS-B traffic/weather. Both iPads can show either screen, making it easy to swap information if necessary.

Looking to add an iPad to your panel? You can use the iFDR Panel Mounts from Guardian Avionics, which are approved for installation in certified aircraft and rotorcraft under 14 CFR Part 23, 27 and 29 as “Non-Required Safety Enhancing Equipment” (NORSEE).

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  1. Greg Ellis
    Greg Ellis says:

    I-pads have issues with overheating in sunlight and are sometimes hard to see the screen in direct sunlight. I am curious if there are any of these problems with this panel design.

  2. Chris Brammer
    Chris Brammer says:

    I added a small low amp fan to the back of each iPad mount with exit air holes. So far no problems with being able to see the ipads in bright light, although it helps to wear a billed cap to shade some of the sun.

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